Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Two rides: Specialized Eskar Armadillo Elite 2.3 tires

I’ve been digging Specialized Resolution tires, but as cool as they are, Specialized is superseding them with the new Eskar. I got my mitts on a pair of the new meats, and here’s what I think after two XC rides.

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Specialized Resolution Pro D2 Tubeless Tire

I’ve been braaaping these tires for a season now, and — although they don’t let me ride like a complete idiot — I dig ’em.

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Cool video: Polyester Fashion

Our man Kevin Shiramizu has made a sweet video chronicling North American racing, Rocky Mountain regional racers and their hometown riding spots. It’s a must-have for every regional rider, and for anyone who appreciates a quality vid from a young up-and-comer.
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Specialized Pin’er and Pinn’it?

Updated with tire weights.

Hi Lee,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your reviews of the new Specialized tires. It’s been very difficult to find info about them anywhere else.

Secondly, I was wondering if you might happen to know the weight in grams of the 2.3 Pinn’er Pro and the 2.5 Pin’it Pro?

I am looking for something new to try for Downieville, CA and these tires seem like they could be a great fit. However, although the trail that I will be riding in Downieville is approximately 90% downhill, the XC side in me would still like something that climbs fairly well, won’t way me down like an anchor and doesn’t roll like a complete snail. Anything over 850/900 grams is probably more than I need.

My final question is if you feel that these tires have fairly durable/sturdy sidewalls?

Thanks a lot for your help and again for the great reviews!



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Ultimate truck bed bike rack?

Hi Lee,
I’m looking for the ultimate truck bed bike rack. I need something to haul 3 or 4 bikes in the bed of the truck (no bike bumpers!), and would like a model that does not require removal of the front wheel. Anything that does all this for under $300?


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FOX rear shock on Enduro SL?

Hi Lee,

I heard a rumor that you are running a Fox DHX-Air on your Enduro SL. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving some info on that rear shock.

What size i-2-i and stroke are you using? Any special hardware or adapters needed to run that shock instead of the stock AFR shock? Are you running it in the low/slack or tall/steep setting? And, last and most importantly, how does it ride? Have you had a chance to compare it to the AFR shock from Specialized?

Thanks a lot,

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Good all-around tire: Specialized Resolution Pro

Or: “Of tires and fishing rods”

What do you think is the best all around tire out there??? fast rolling, great grip etc, oh fearless leader of the tech declined!

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Question re: Specialized fork on Enduro SL

I have been trying to select the right all mountain bike and think the new Enduro SL might do the trick. I was originally planning on building up an Intense 6.6, but the Enduro seems better price/perf. A few concerns though:
Did you ever give feedback on the final fork? Also with the custom 25mm hub will I be stuck with limited wheel selections (i.e. no Crossmax)?
Thanks, Huck

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Which clip-in shoes and pedals for DH/AM?

hey lee,
quick question– i’m going to try to do clipless this year in time for sea otter and need to buy the setup. For shoes i am between the shimano DX, adidas hematoma, and specialized hybrid DH/AM shoe (forget what its called, around 200 bux). For pedals — mallet C’s, Times, or shimano DX. Any reccomendations as to what you have had good luck with? BTW I will be using them for DS/4X on a 07 yeti DJ and for DH on my demo, so all arounders would be great.
Thanks Lee,
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Cannondale Rush for maintained trails?

It’s been a while since you wrote your review of the Cannondale Rush. Any comments and sitting on it for a while?

I must admit, it seems perfect at the moment. (I live in Holland and my riding is a combination of short(read weekend), highly maintained trails in Holland and week /long weekend rides in Belgium/France/UK.

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Which travel case for my bike?

Hi, Lee.
I’m looking at having to do some traveling around in the not too distant future and the thought of having to be without a bicycle kind of makes me itch. Do you have any recommendations for travel cases?
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Norcal Jan. ’07: Three days, two bikes and three rides

The past few days have been a nice mix of tra-la-la and WHOA BABY! Not to mention a barrage of job interviews and rides on a new Enduro SL and Demo 7. I have no images, but here are some words:
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