Which travel case for my bike?

Hi, Lee.
I’m looking at having to do some traveling around in the not too distant future and the thought of having to be without a bicycle kind of makes me itch. Do you have any recommendations for travel cases?

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Trico Sports Iron Case

Hi Eric.

Here’s what you want in an airline bike case:

1. It fits your bike.

2. It has a hard shell.

3. It straps together. You don’t want screws around the flange; they’re a huge pain to line up, especially when the box is crazy-full.

4. It has a tow strap and wheels. This is key!

The Trico Sports Iron Case is pretty much the standard. It fits a DH bike and tools.



Happy travels,

— Lee

Whoa, here’s another nice one
I was just writing copy for Thule, and I wrote about their Round Trip Bike Travel Case. This thing is rad: straps, wheels, UPS shippable and roof-rack mountable.


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