Specialized Pin’er and Pinn’it?

Updated with tire weights.

Hi Lee,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your reviews of the new Specialized tires. It’s been very difficult to find info about them anywhere else.

Secondly, I was wondering if you might happen to know the weight in grams of the 2.3 Pinn’er Pro and the 2.5 Pin’it Pro?

I am looking for something new to try for Downieville, CA and these tires seem like they could be a great fit. However, although the trail that I will be riding in Downieville is approximately 90% downhill, the XC side in me would still like something that climbs fairly well, won’t way me down like an anchor and doesn’t roll like a complete snail. Anything over 850/900 grams is probably more than I need.

My final question is if you feel that these tires have fairly durable/sturdy sidewalls?

Thanks a lot for your help and again for the great reviews!



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Hey Randy,

I’ve mixed and matched all of the Specialized DH tires on a bunch of bikes and in a bunch of conditions. The tires have been durable for me; as a matter of fact I haven’t pinched them (which is saying something).

The Pin’it is a great front tire in hard/dry conditions. It’s excellent in rock, fine in dust, but terrible in mud. The Pinn’er is a great all-around tire, akin to a Minion. I’d consider rocking Pinn’ers front and rear. You can run them anywhere.

I don’t have the weights (but I’ve asked for them). Don’t sweat the grams. Just go out and rip Third Divide for me.

— — —

This just in: tire weights!

From tire engineer guy (and great rider and nice guy) Chris Wyatt.

Chunder DH Pro 26×2.3 1260g
Chunder DH S-Works 26×2.3 1350g
Chunder DH Pro 26×2.5 1270g
Chunder DH S-Works 26×2.5 1360g
Pinner Pro 26×2.3 1290g
Pinner S-Works 26×2.3 1360g
Pinnit Pro 26×2.5 1285g
Pinnit S-Works 26×2.5 1365g

— — —

BTW: I’ve been running Pinner S-Works 2.3s on my Enduro SL for XC. It’s so rocky here, I keep going back to DH tires. The Pinners might be heavier and slower-rolling than the 2.3 Resolutions I was running, but they climb great and descend like champs.

A little drifty-drift with a pair of 2.5 Pin’its.

Mega-epic ride on 2.3 Pinn’ers. I had tons of traction and absolute faith. Grams … who cares?



Detailed reviews: www.leelikesbikes.com/review-2006-specialized-downhill-tires.html

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  1. jason says:

    I would agree with Lee on the excellent performance of the Pin’it and Pinn’er. I have run the Pin’It front and rear in loose rocky conditions with shocking success and the Pinn’er in more firm hardpack terrain, no pinch flats in 2 years, no sidewall cuts, no missing knobs, surprisingly good wear. You might look into the 2008 Specialized tire line, sounds like you might be interested in the Eskar Control, or Eskar Armadillo Elite 2.3. It is a fast rolling all mountain tire with a generous 2.3 volume, kevlar bead. The Armadillo ELite is a reinforced casing to prevent sidewall cuts but only adds 40gms while remaining supple. Dont forget about the Chunder Control 2.2 or 2.3 either. The Chunder is the current evolution of a 8 year old Roller tire Specialized made a while back, often mistaken for another brand which uses the name “…Roller”. 08 Product is not on the web yet, but you can see the Eskar online searching 08 Enduro SL reviews. No matter what you pick, SPecialized has an unconditional tire satisfaction guarantee so there is no risk in rocking with the red S!!

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    I just got a pair of Eskar Armadillo Elite 2.3s. It’s so rocky here in CO, I need that sidewall love. Watch for a review.

  3. jason says:

    i’m guessing you will dig the Eskar AE’s. So the Armadillo Elite casing is more durable than most 60 or 120 TPI casings…..but the new “Control” series tires will be about 85% as durable as the AE casing, plenty more durable than previous years “pro” series tires. Man do i love tires….i dig the Enduro SL with Eskars, but if you run out of control due to knob depth/very loose trail conditions, try the Chunder Control.
    i’ll look for your review!

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