Specialized Pin’er and Pinn’it?

Updated with tire weights.

Hi Lee,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your reviews of the new Specialized tires. It’s been very difficult to find info about them anywhere else.

Secondly, I was wondering if you might happen to know the weight in grams of the 2.3 Pinn’er Pro and the 2.5 Pin’it Pro?

I am looking for something new to try for Downieville, CA and these tires seem like they could be a great fit. However, although the trail that I will be riding in Downieville is approximately 90% downhill, the XC side in me would still like something that climbs fairly well, won’t way me down like an anchor and doesn’t roll like a complete snail. Anything over 850/900 grams is probably more than I need.

My final question is if you feel that these tires have fairly durable/sturdy sidewalls?

Thanks a lot for your help and again for the great reviews!



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Hey Randy,

I’ve mixed and matched all of the Specialized DH tires on a bunch of bikes and in a bunch of conditions. The tires have been durable for me; as a matter of fact I haven’t pinched them (which is saying something).

The Pin’it is a great front tire in hard/dry conditions. It’s excellent in rock, fine in dust, but terrible in mud. The Pinn’er is a great all-around tire, akin to a Minion. I’d consider rocking Pinn’ers front and rear. You can run them anywhere.

I don’t have the weights (but I’ve asked for them). Don’t sweat the grams. Just go out and rip Third Divide for me.

— — —

This just in: tire weights!

From tire engineer guy (and great rider and nice guy) Chris Wyatt.

Chunder DH Pro 26×2.3 1260g
Chunder DH S-Works 26×2.3 1350g
Chunder DH Pro 26×2.5 1270g
Chunder DH S-Works 26×2.5 1360g
Pinner Pro 26×2.3 1290g
Pinner S-Works 26×2.3 1360g
Pinnit Pro 26×2.5 1285g
Pinnit S-Works 26×2.5 1365g

— — —

BTW: I’ve been running Pinner S-Works 2.3s on my Enduro SL for XC. It’s so rocky here, I keep going back to DH tires. The Pinners might be heavier and slower-rolling than the 2.3 Resolutions I was running, but they climb great and descend like champs.

A little drifty-drift with a pair of 2.5 Pin’its.

Mega-epic ride on 2.3 Pinn’ers. I had tons of traction and absolute faith. Grams … who cares?



Detailed reviews: www.leelikesbikes.com/review-2006-specialized-downhill-tires.html

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