Ultimate truck bed bike rack?

Hi Lee,
I’m looking for the ultimate truck bed bike rack. I need something to haul 3 or 4 bikes in the bed of the truck (no bike bumpers!), and would like a model that does not require removal of the front wheel. Anything that does all this for under $300?


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Hey Mark,

The Sierra Coast Cargo Rack is sweet. Here’s a review I wrote for the November 2006 Mountain Biking magazine.

— — —

Here’s a clever way to carry multiple bikes — and even motorcycles — in your truck, van or trailer.

By Lee McCormack

Once upon a time, bike racks held front forks. Then came through-axle hubs, and bike racks went grabbing for frames and cranks. That was fine until frames got funky and freeride cranks got too fat. Nowadays, bike racks are all about wheels. Slide your complete bike into the rack, clamp down on the front wheel and rock.

The Sierra Coast Cargo Racks Fat Boy! takes this idea and clamps it in a huge quick release lever. Literally. Up to four “saddles” attach to a slotted base that can be bolted or clamped to your vehicle. The saddles are basically big, flexible forks. You slip your front wheel between the saddle legs, tighten the cam-clamp and you’re ready to rock. You can adjust the saddle spacing to fit any mountain bike tire, and even motorcycle tires.

Because you have to reach the clamp lever, the Fat Boy! works best in pickup trucks and trailers with side access. A large truck can easily fit four bikes or — and this is the cool part — two bikes and two motorcycles. Basically, if your front tire is wider than your rim, the Fat Boy! will handle it.

One bike: $180.95
Two bikes: $263.95
Three bikes: $346.95
Four bikes: $429.99
The Rack Clamp: $85.95; allows quick installation in a truck bed
Dirt bike conversion kit: $37.95; adds onto an existing saddle

Get more info or order a rack at www.scbikeracks.com

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