Which bike for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?

Lee, this Saturday I have been invited on a trip to ride Mr Toad’s Wild
Ride in South Lake Tahoe. My question is “Which bike?”

1. 30lb Giant Trance with triple chains rings. 4″ at back and 5″ at front.

2. 36lb (stronger than stock wheels, cranks and ST Minions) Giant Reign with
a single 32 chainring and 6″ at back and 5.5″ up front.

Both bikes have Fox Shox front and rear (of course!). Both have a 34t
biggest cog on cluster.

I am very fit and a strong climber (resting heart rate less than 40bpm) but
am thinking that, even being fit, the Reign may be a little heavy in the
thin air. The reason is that I would prefer it for the downward run.
Everyone else on the trip is a similar speed to me, at least either up or
down the hills.

A one word answer (Trance or Reign) would be appreciated. Being sort of new
to this country, I don’t know anyone else that has done it.

Your devoted reader,


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Hi Chris,

One word


Lots of words

Mr. Toads is an amazing descent preceded by a ball-buster of a climb. Even if you shuttle the ride, the descent is both technical and long. And there is very little air for a low-lander like you!

I do rides like this for the decent, so I am willing to drag a bigger, slacker bike up the hill. If you can’t clean the climb, who cares? Just get off and push.

My buddy Jim Norman and I rode Mr Road’s back in 2002:
Tour de California – Day 1 : Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, South Lake Tahoe

BTW, check out the rest of the Tour de California. This was the very beginning of Lee Likes Bikes!

Jim spins a mellow part of the climb.

Trickier part of the climb. This crew was going backward.

The top of the descent is steep and rocky. Me on a 2002 Enduro — back when I still worked for AltaVista. I thought I knew how to ride, but I had no idea …

The bottom is fast and flowy. This is why Mr. Toad’s has such a reputation. Your Reign will rip these turns!
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