DS bike for first-timer?

Hi lee my name is robert and i have a question, i am going to enter a dual slalom race next year in the sea otter classic but im not sure what kind of bike i should get to race. do i need like a DH bike or is that to much suspention?. i have a hardtail and a trail (cross country) bike. but i need to get a new/used one to race would you have any imput?

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Hey Robert,

I ride my P.3 day to day, but I almost always race my SX. Because it gets more traction and erases small mistakes, I feel like I can pin it harder — without worrying so much about perfect technique. (But I still worry …)

Dual slalom rules! High speeds, rippin’ turns, head-to-head competition … sweetness!

If you’re just trying DS, I say ride your trail bike with a low seat, short stem and a chain guide.

But if you want to buy a special bike …

Slalom weapons are either hardtails or 3-4″ suspension bikes. Forks usually have 4″ of travel. You can race slalom on any bike, but purpose-built suspension bikes are ideal. They are quick and snappy, and they raaaaaiiiiil turns. Specialized SX, Intense Tazer, Yeti 4X …

Sea Otter is fun, but it’s a real zoo for a first-timer. If you live in the Bay Area, try the fall and spring races at Sand Hill Ranch.

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