Which all-around bike? (again)

Hello Lee,
I really need your pro advice for getting a new full sus. It’s my first time getting a ful sus(I was only on hardtail before). And I only have $2500 dollars CDN. I am not a crazy aggressive rider; I am planning to do up to 10 feet drops. But I also love cruising around the town with friends and travel long distance. I was thinking about getting the Giant Reign series. But I am not sure. Which bike comes right in your mind?

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This is a popular question.

Reign, Enduro, Nomad, ML-8, etc. Get a color you like, at your price point, from a shop you trust.

BUT! Those bikes aren’t made for 10-foot drops. You better land on a downslope, and you better be smooth!

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  1. rey_s says:

    Try the rocky mountain switch. am sure you could get some closeouts at that price points. they’re great bikes and are quite sturdy as long as you dont mind the weight. There might still be some SL’s around with the air spring Z1’s and the RP3 shocks. you could also check out the slayer 30.

    good luck!

  2. john says:

    I have a reign xo. I really like the bike it rails corners and flys well. it is air sprung all the way around so some big stuff will take a very smooth tech. If you look at giant’s site they say this bike is a freeride bike everywhere but in the US, here it is an all mountain. The only thing you have to get used to is the bike uses full travel no matter what you go off. I thought I was at the wrong pressure or just being lazy but after talking to giant they said it was how the bike is designed to work. I have never bottomed it out but even off a curb it uses the full travel. Off 4 to 5 footers the same thing happens! Also knoe the bottom bracket ie low and if you pedal throgh rock gardens you will whack your pedals. I come form a DH back ground and am very happy with this bike.

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