Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Cane Creek Duros wheels

I’ve been rolling on some snazzy new wheels. Here’s what I think of ’em:
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Which trail tires?

max wrote:
I am wondering about tires. I have a 2.35 weirwolf team in front and a 2.25 moto raptor in back. In the rear the knobs are coming off and not much tread is left. In the front the treads are a little worn. I’m wondering what tires to get. I ride some loose trails, mostly dry trails and jumps, and some trails with tons of dry rocks. I would also like that they will last a good amt. of time, corner/turn like no other, not slip on rocks, and are fairly light.
-thank you from Max
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What cameras do I use?

Hey Lee,

I was wondering what type of cameras you use? Having just had our first kid has got me thinking about getting a descent camera. I was thinking along the lines of Olympus E500, or Nikon D50?

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Michelin XCR All Mountain 2.2 UST tire

As with most Michelins, the All Mountain looks very different from its competitors. How well does it work?
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Adjust your seatpost on the fly

If your riding combines seated pedaling with out-of-the saddle ripping — XC, all mountain, freeride, self-propelled DH, even riding to jump spots — you need an on-the-fly-adjustable seatpost.

Here’s the scoop on two contenders: the GravityDropper and Maverick SpeedBall.
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Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy, Videos 1 and 2

I paid full retail for these two videos, and I am bummed.
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Video review – Hypnosis: Visual Intensity

Clay Porter’s latest video made me train extra-hard today.
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Video review – Earthed 3: Europa

I saw this one a few weeks ago. It was fun, but now it’s a bit fuzzy. I guess that says something.
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Repairing Specialized Lo Pro Mag pedals

These are great pedals, but some early production hiccups are causing issues. Luckily, they’re solvable.
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Review: 2006 Specialized downhill tires

Specialized has a new crop of downhill meats, and I’m here to tell you about ’em.
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Fork for Demo 8

Hi Lee, I just got my new Specialized Demo 8 frame, and I built it up with parts I already had laying around, with hopes of upgrading in the future. I know you have been riding one of these for a while, and I was wondering what fork feels balanced with this frame? Right now I have a 2002 monster T, and it feels heavy for the bike, but I haven’t ridden it off road yet. I plan on lots of riding at Keystone this season. I’ve had my eye on a new Travis, what do you think of these on the Demo 8s? Thanks, man

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Good XC/Super-D bikes


Looking at possibly purchasing a Yeti 575. I am 5’8″ and a mid aggressive rider. I like to descend and climb Cross Country and Super D type riding. What else should I look at for comparison? Pros and cons?
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