Repairing Specialized Lo Pro Mag pedals

These are great pedals, but some early production hiccups are causing issues. Luckily, they’re solvable.


Saw your review of the Specialized Lo Pro Mag pedals as well as the other readers’ problems. I’ve got LoPro pedals that came on my ’05 SX Trail. They’ve been used for freeride and dirt jumping and trail riding and after 6 months of use have developed some serious side-to-side slop and they spin way too easy now. The “spin too easy” sounds odd but when you take a foot off for a one-footer you want the pedal to stay put right? I’m just curious how yours have held up or if you’ve seen the same problems.


Hey Michael.

I’m really digging my Lo Pro Mags. They’re light, grip my shoes and have tons of clearance. After 19 months of almost-daily use, they do have that “spin too easy” thing going, but I never take my feet off the pedals, at least not on purpose.

I sent your note to Deacon James, the product manager in charge of the Lo Pros, and here’s what he says:

The old design has a tendency where the c-clip pops out and allows the body of the pedal to float on the spindle. If you remove the outer lock nut, you can see the grove for the clip. The clip being a stamped piece is best installed with the square edge out.. We did make some running changes to the depth of the groove and the size/strength of the clip, but in a situation where the impact load is from the side and sizable, the clip will pop out.. Reinstall the clip and tighten the lock nut and all should be good. Resistance can be adjusted with different “O-ring” combinations, regardless of how old or used the pedals are.


Deacon’s a good man. For more detail about the pedal, and a nerdy chart that shows how it compares to its competitors, read my Oct. 2004 review: Nice Pedals: Specialized Lo Pro Mag

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  1. raginghooter says:

    Hey, quick question. I’m thinking about getting into some flat pedals for a bike I’ve mocked up for jumping and stuff. Any recommendations? Oh, I’ve also heard that a pair of shin/knee guards are necessary for “beginners” on the flats.

    Whadya got?

  2. WaveDude says:

    Can you ask your buddy Deacon if the lock nuts are normal, “lefty-loosey, righty-tighty” on both sides or is one reverse thread? Some have had them replaced under warranty–others not (not sure why since it’s the exact same problem for everyone). I’m in the latter category so my only choice is to take them apart and see if they’re fixable.

  3. WaveDude says:

    Since it’s raining I decided to take apart the pedals. While the pedal to crank threads are reversed on one side, the nut that holds the pedal body onto the spindle are normal threads on both sides. Both C-clips were still in place. I cleaned the spindles of all the old grease and grit and slathered on some Phil Wood grease and put them back together. Unfortunately, they’ve still got slop in them so I’m guessing the bushing and bearings are bad 🙁 Hmmm, 6 months old and already worn out. I’ll ride ’em until I can’t stand it anymore then look for something better.

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