Which trail tires?

max wrote:
I am wondering about tires. I have a 2.35 weirwolf team in front and a 2.25 moto raptor in back. In the rear the knobs are coming off and not much tread is left. In the front the treads are a little worn. I’m wondering what tires to get. I ride some loose trails, mostly dry trails and jumps, and some trails with tons of dry rocks. I would also like that they will last a good amt. of time, corner/turn like no other, not slip on rocks, and are fairly light.
-thank you from Max

Hey Max.

Tires are like girls. They’re all fun in different situations: at raging parties, on epic adventures or around the house. In my experience, there is no girl who rips mountain bikes, dances all night, rocks the housework AND stays sane. It’s all about compromises. You seek a woman who likes the same things you do, who can adapt to various situations and for whom you can make compromises when it’s your turn.

That’s what you want in a general MTB tire: good rolling, good propulsion, good braking, good cornering and good wear. It’s all about compromises. The best all-around trail tires have pretty big, openly spaced center knobs and pronounced, well supported side knobs.

Some good ones:

– WTB Moto Raptor
– WTB Mutano Raptor
– Maxxis Minion
– Maxxis High Roller
– Kenda Nevegal
– Hutchinson Barracuda
– Specialized Enduro Pro
– Specialized Pin’er

In the end it’s like blonde or brunette, tall or petite. They’re all good — love the one you’re with!

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  1. jose says:

    If you have some cash to spend on tires, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic’s are the best tires availible. They hook up in all conditions and are light. The only downside is that they are on the expensive side.

  2. chris pittman says:

    Personally, i have found the Nevegals workin it the best of any tire i have tried. I am a tire junky. Right now i am running a nevegal 2.5 in front and a timberwolf 2.5 in the rear. Your tire pressure also plays a very important roll (pun intended) as well

  3. Denise says:

    Riding the front range trails, I have found the Maxxis Minions work great front & rear. I run the 2.35 and have great hook up on rocks, sandy, stick in turns. And durable – this is my second season on the same set – and they are just now looking a bit ragged. Running anywhere from 29 – 31 psi in them in most situations except really smooth stuff. And they look Meaty, too! Great Tires.

  4. luca says:

    Love the enduro pro d2 2.40 in the front and geax sturdy 2.25 in the rear, both tube tipe. Inflated at 40 psi for uphill and somewhere about 25 psi for downhill, owing to their big air volume and to my habit of rolling over obstacles rather than impacting them I have really a few flats.

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