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Hi Lee, I just got my new Specialized Demo 8 frame, and I built it up with parts I already had laying around, with hopes of upgrading in the future. I know you have been riding one of these for a while, and I was wondering what fork feels balanced with this frame? Right now I have a 2002 monster T, and it feels heavy for the bike, but I haven’t ridden it off road yet. I plan on lots of riding at Keystone this season. I’ve had my eye on a new Travis, what do you think of these on the Demo 8s? Thanks, man


Hey Eric.

From what I’ve read, the Travis looks like it would work well. I’ve had bad experiences with every Manitou I’ve ever owned (four over the past 8 years), so I’d wait for some long-term reviews.

I’ve run these forks on Demos with great results:

– Fox 40. Light. Very tunable damping. Reliable. As plush as the 888. Feels stiffer when it comes to handling. A racing weapon.

– Marzocchi 888. A bit heavier but very plush, tunable spring rate (because you can add oil) and reliable. Less $$$ than a 40. Get a low-rider crown. BTW, I started 2004 with an SPV Dorado, but after the third failure I went to a 888 — and I had my best race season ever.

I’m on a 40 now, and I dig it. The only thing I wish for is more bottom-out control — esecially in Whistler — but Fox is working on that.

Hope this helps …

— Lee

PS: To all you Manitou folks, I’ll be happy to test your forks and give them fair reviews.

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