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Looking at possibly purchasing a Yeti 575. I am 5’8″ and a mid aggressive rider. I like to descend and climb Cross Country and Super D type riding. What else should I look at for comparison? Pros and cons?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave.

No cons on the 575 for that type of riding. It is a very sweet bike. I guess the only con might be price.

These days there are plenty of fun trail bikes. Here are some I’ve ridden:

If you want to go lighter with a little less travel, a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR (5″x5″) is excellent. The Stumpy is available at both lower and higher price points. BTW: I’m currently riding a carbon S-Works Stumpy with an inertial valve shock, and it’s a freakin’ weapon. Full report when the snow melts.

The Turner FiveSpot is also very nice. It rides a lot like the Stumpy, but with boutique appeal. I borrowed one with a Pushed Fox RP3 in the back, and the hookup was stellar.

The Maverick ML-8 is also a standout. With that guy you get 6″ in the front and 6.5″ in the back, with geometry tweaked toward aggressive trail riding. The ML-8 will end up close to 30 pounds, and the suspension is a tad less active than the above bikes, but it climbs like a champ (and wins Super Ds too). Con = cost!

All of these bikes are exceptional. It comes down to riding style, favorite color, price and availability. Buy from a good shop.

Cool. Good luck and tell me how it goes,

— Lee

Added 11 p.m.:

Sorry I was lazy this morning. It turns out the 575 is the least expensive frame. The Stumpjumper covers the range — most expensive frame, least expensive bike and most expensive bike. Overall, the bikes cost about the same: For $4500-$5000 you can get a very nice 575, Stumpy, FiveSpot or ML-8.

Model Frame Bike Site
Yeti 575 $1400 aluminum stays
$1630 carbon stays
Stumpjumper FSR
$2200 S-Works
$3800 S-Works Carbon
Turner FiveSpot $1895 $3300-$4500
Maverick ML-8 $2400 $4000-$4800
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