The Colorado promise: Trail riding from home

We’ve had some awesome weather here lately: snow pounding the Rockies and sun warming the Front Range. It’s the Colorado promise.

Last Monday we rode our street-legal trail motos from home to Lefthand Canyon OHV Area, all over the mountains then back to Boulder. And that too is the Colorado promise.

When you’re climbing a steep pitch and you catch traction, you better be way forward on your bike. That or hang from your bars and pull it off anyway. Sacha.

This descent is a real handful on a downhill bike, and it’s a handful on a moto too. 1-800-LOOSE-ROCKS

Moments like this feel exactly like downhill mountain biking. Look where you want to go, line it up and let it roll. I still struggle on the climbs — thank goodness for body armor, skidplates and radiator guards — but the downhills feel oh so familiar.

Lee. Tree. Whee!

Just like downhill, except you blip the throttle — braaap — and jump over these rocks. I’m still faster on a bicycle, but that’ll change soon.

Photos of me by Sacha.

Check out this Lefthand bike riding action: Feeling at home in the OHV area

4 replies
  1. ChuckB says:


    Glad to see you have not totally forgotten the bike (non motorized) looks like a sick time, moto’s now make me nervous after an semi speed crash in High School.

    When you guys go out for an epic let me know man.

    chuck b

  2. Aaron W says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I have a MX also and I love the rocky technical parts because it is alot like mountain biking. Love the site, keep the good stories comin’!

  3. TonyC says:

    Three years ago I looked at my MTB and my riding style and said, its just like moto! So I bought a WR250F and dual sported it. Its amazing how similar they really are, except for the loops on a moto are much larger and it has really invigorated the adventure aspect of it all. Bike no matter if they a motorized or not are all awesome. Kids need them!

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