Moving mountains (again)

You might recall our relocating a huge pile of dirt at The Fix jumps to satisfy the city of Boulder. That was a heck of a project, and — guess what — we get to do it again.

The volunteer who took charge of the first move claimed our roll-in mound had to be 55 feet from the center of the road. When we started moving dirt a few of us asked, are you sure this is the right place? Yeah, yeah.

So we poured 120 sweaty, grunty, blistery people-hours into picking and shoveling and wheelbarrowing 70 yards (175,000 pounds) of dirt and rocks. The finished pile looked sweet, and all was good.

Until a letter arrived from the city: Under the accessory use rules, the property line starts 40 feet from the center of the road, and all use must be 55 feet from the property line. So we’re talking 95 feet, not 55 feet.

Geez. And there’s a new a stipulation: No riding of any kind within 95 feet of the center of the road. That eliminates some sweet berms and jumps, and it just plain eats up space.

So it’s time to redesign and re-dig. The city said, “If you meet these requirements, you’ll be in full compliance, and the case will be closed.”

Yeah, yeah.

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