Adjust your seatpost on the fly

If your riding combines seated pedaling with out-of-the saddle ripping — XC, all mountain, freeride, self-propelled DH, even riding to jump spots — you need an on-the-fly-adjustable seatpost.

Here’s the scoop on two contenders: the GravityDropper and Maverick SpeedBall.

Why change your seat height?

Pedaling power: At your optimum seat height you make max power with minimal effort.

Bike handling: Every move in mountain biking is aided by a lower seat. Cornering, hopping, dropping, jumping, even sprinting.

And let’s not forget interrupted seat tubes: These posts give you extra adjustment.

When do you change your seat height?

Spin to your favorite spot, lower your seat and let fly. These seatposts realize the true promise of enduro bikes.

If you have a quick release you probably climb with your seat high, lower your seat at the top of the mountain, then rip to the parking lot. That’s great, but it forces you to compromise. In technical sections and tight turns, a high seat gets in your way. On traverses and rises, a low seat costs you power and energy.

With an adjustable seatpost you can optimize your seat height for every situation. Say you’re climbing and you reach a technical rock section. Lower your seat, work the body English, then resume full-height pedaling. Say you’re ripping down a ridge, and there’s a long traverse. Just raise your seat and hammer it out. Tight corner — lower it and rail the corner — then get back to pedaling.

You’ll be amazed at how often you use an adjustable seatpost. On a typical XC ride I might tweak my seat height a couple dozen times.

When it comes to adjustable seatposts, there are two main choices: the GravityDropper and the Maverick SpeedBall. They both work really well. The decision comes down to bike compatibility and price.



Remotely controlled, mechanically actuated seatpost that drops three inches. Also available in two- and four-inch drops, and with three settings: up all the way, down all the way and down one inch.


Fits all bikes. Lots of colors. Lots of lengths.

Handlebar lever lets you change your seat height whenever you feel like it.


The tolerances aren’t very tight. The post feels a bit sloppy in the workstand, but you don’t notice while you’re riding.

Doesn’t work as well when dirty.


GravityDropper $250 with remote control – Check out the GravityDropper on

DescenderPost $180 with knob on the post – Check out the DescenderPost on (sorry, they’re sold out and back ordered)

Maverick SpeedBall


Hydraulically controlled seatpost with the lever under the nose of your saddle. Infinite adjustment from zero to three inches. Length: 382 mm.


Jewel-quality construction.

Infinite adjustment.


Only comes in 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameter

No remote yet. One’s in development. Even without the remote, it doesn’t take long to reach the lever and tweak your seat height.


$220 – Check out the Maverick SpeedBall on

12 replies
  1. Trevor says:

    the maverick post is almost perfect, part from when ur riding to work and catch it with ur jeans its great!!!

    i have on in my scott mc it works so well when u want to push it more on the down!

    have fun kids and as for limited sizes ever heard of shims! (dont use in carbon frames might void ur warentte

  2. joe says:

    this thing is nice and works nicely on ur endro lee
    but the only con is u cant wash ur bike upsidedown because dirt gets in there and it dosent work that well but its not that bad overall.

  3. Phill says:

    I like my GravityDropper. It is not only handy for riding local trails but it is also the ultimate Super-D weapon. I’d be intrigued to try the SpeedBall to see if the hydraulic seal is as solid as the GravityDropper magnetic pin system.

    Awesome to see that you guys are selling these at the shop. I think that these will help every rider develop as wholly as a rider– good XC climbing skills and more comfortable and stable descending position available from either of these seatposts.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Joe.

    Yessir, when the Enduro was washed upside down, goop got under the boot, and the GravityDropper needed a rebuild.


    I think the SpeedBall RC — good name — will be out next year. You know it’ll be sweet.

  5. Rodney says:

    Lee, you made a small type, it’s not 20.9, but (thankfully for Specialized owners) 30.9.

    ‘Available in 30.9 and 31.6 mm. If your bike has a smaller seat tube, go for a GravityDropper or DescenderPost.’

  6. Aussi Nige says:

    Hi Lee cool to see a reveiw but what is the overall length of the post all the way out.
    I like a smaller frame to throw around which usually leaves me with an ultra long seat post. Up untill now ive just had a quick realease seat clamp. The speed ball sounds the go for me I have enough crap on my bars with pop lock and always wash my bike on a work stand.
    Cheers Nige

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    i don’t have a gram figure for the Maverick, but they all feel about the same weightwise.

    BTW: I got to see the Maverick remote — so sweet! It’s a lever you can push in any direction and mount just about anywhere. It should be ready later this season.

  8. reymond says:

    hi lee – any issues with side to side play with the maverick and the gravity dropper? i want to get an adjustable post, but am worried about the seat wobbling from side to side.

    thanks! great site. glad things are looking up for you.

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