Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Moab: Braaaping with no engine

My past couple Moab trips were motorized. Moab is big, sandy and well suited to engines. I always swore I wouldn’t go back with a bicycle, but I did last week, and there was plenty of braaap.

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Tires for Sea Otter DS?

Hey Lee. What tires would you recommend for the dual slalom course at Sea Otter? I’m using a pair of Maxxis High Rollers in a 2.3. I was using these at Sand Hill this weekend and when I started to braap; I was losing traction in the rear a little bit. I was running about 40psi and the course was hardpacked and a bit dry. I know the soil will be different in Monterey. What do you think?

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Seat-height change on a Maverick?

Hi Lee,

I was sent your link from a friend of mine regarding the ML-8. I am looking at a Durance and my concern is the amount of seat height change.
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Which DH tires for Norcal/Downieville?

This rider is enjoying his Maxxis DHFs, but he’s contemplating a switch to Specialized meats.
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Hayes Stroker Trail Brakes

The new Stroker feels very different from the old Nines and Mags — different in a good way.

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Ride #2: 2008 Stumpjumper Pro Carbon

Yesterday’s ride was fine, but it would have been better if I wasn’t a dummy.

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Maiden voyage: 2008 Stumpjumper Pro Carbon

After weeks of snow and general pinned-ness, I finally got to ride the new Stumpy. It needs some adjusting, but it sure does rip.

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Tire review: Geax Saguaro White Collection

I’ve spent fall and winter these sweet whitewalls, and it’s time to tell you about them.

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Any more CX braaaping?

Got any updates on the cx braaaping you were doing a while ago? Been thinking about
ditching the street/jump bike because it is not nice to my bones and something like
the tricross seems super fun and practical.

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Rollin’ a Stumpy

I just got back from an XC ride on a 2007 Stumpjumper Expert. I’ve been riding Enduros exclusively on trail for over a year, and you know what? The Stumpy feels good.

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Braaap! on drop bars – Specialized Tricross Expert

A cyclocross bike seems like a versatile and braaapable alternative to a road bike. Jason “The Man” Emmanuel from Specialized loaned me his brand new 2008 Tricross Expert, and I’ve been wringing it out all week.

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Side-to-side play with remote seatposts?

hi lee – any issues with side to side play with the maverick and the gravity dropper? i want to get an adjustable post, but am worried about the seat wobbling from side to side.

thanks! great site. glad things are looking up for you.

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