Ride #2: 2008 Stumpjumper Pro Carbon

Yesterday’s ride was fine, but it would have been better if I wasn’t a dummy.

First of all, don’t do this
You might remember that on my first ride the front end had too much pedal platform. There’s a sweet blue knob, but it wouldn’t turn. So I started taking things apart (bad idea). I pried the plastic cap off the bottom of the fork (bad idea), then I loosened the little Allen bolt (bad idea). After a second, a bunch of air came out. Oops. I put it all back together and found I have no pedal platform whatsoever. After that I managed to loosen the knob with pliers. That would have been a good idea in the first place.

Brandon Sloan says I released the IFP (independent floating piston) pressure, which is essential for the damping to function. The fork feels terrible, and it has to go back to Specialized. “Brain work is not easy!”

The ride
I picked up Evan Danger Powell from his house, and we parked at the bottom of the Boulder Link Trail. We rode up Sugarloaf road and rocked the descent twice. It’s a good little loop with a stout climb and a fast/semi-tech singletrack.

Climbing was good but brisk. The teenager has gotten strong! I worked hard enough to stay with him, and on Lap 2 we did the climb in 11:15. My last timed ascent was 13:35. Big difference. Major variables: better fitness, tricker equipment, faster riding partner.

Descending was fun but snowy. The surface was so inconsistent — dirt, snow, slush, ice — we really had to stay on our toes. Evan ripped on my Enduro SL. I just hung onto my decapitated Stumpy. The rear end felt great, but the fork … oh man … that was bad idea.

Looks like the Stumpy and I will be taking a break while the fork gets fixed. Back to the Enduro …

— Lee

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