Climbing, climbing, climbing …

This morning I meant to spin up Sugarloaf Road and rip down the Boulder Link Trail a couple times. Lingering snow and a forgotten helmet changed that plan.

Stumpy vs. Enduro cont’d: I buzzed the 2007 Stumpjumper Expert up semi-steep pavement to the trail head. I usually grind this climb on an Enduro, and it usually takes about 15 minutes. Today I rolled the same climb in 13:45. There are plenty of variables, but an XC position, five fewer pounds, faster tires, front lockout and a rear Brain can’t slow me down. (And walking up hills with heavy objects can’t hurt either. I swear I’m stronger overall in the off season.)

You know I thought about ripping the rocky singletrack descent without a helmet, but snow and ice made that an even worse idea than usual. So I kept climbing.

30 degrees Fahrenheit. The shadows bit cold, but the sun shined warm. Storm clouds rolled across the blue, and a whisper of snow rode the wind. The backlit flakes sparkled like crystals.

But never mind that, because I’m getting tired. An hour and a quarter of climbing — from 5,800 to 8,000 feet with no water — will do that to you. I alternated sitting and standing, focusing on different aspects of my pedal stroke, and I let my wind wander.

It came back with some cool ideas about work and Life, and it reminded me how lucky I am.

The descent was very fast and very cold. I called The Wife and asked her if she had a couple things of mine there at the house, because I couldn’t find them where they normally hang.

Everything thawed out just fine, then I was off to run errands and do some work. All in all, a great morning.

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