Walking and rocking

Hi all. This time of year, with limited daylight and seemingly infinite obligations, I’m all about the quick, effective, from-my-doorstep workouts. Here’s a current favorite:

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1. Run from my house to the top of the nearest peak. That’s about 15 minutes pinned — very Super D esque.

2. With a sweet view of Boulder, do some push-up variations and basic weight room exercises. I use rocks as weights. Caveman style.

3. Grab a big rock and walk back down the hill. Holding the rock at shoulder level is an amazing shoulder and torso workout. Holding it above my head — insane.

I return home thoroughly worked and feeling good about Life.

More details to come. Whatever you’re doing today, keep it interesting.

— Lee

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  1. Jason says:

    My workout lately consists of spending 5 hours a day in a kindergarten classroom doing student teaching! It will be awesome once I actually get paid for it.

  2. Josh130 says:

    My rock workout has been the highlight of my week for months now. I do something different each time, but it always ends in a near death experience. The best part? People look at me like I am crazy the whole time cause I do it on the cliffs by the beach.

  3. Chris says:

    The post-work darkness has driven me into the gym for a winter of resistence training. But twice or so a week I drag my carcass out of bed for a mostly fireroad 2000ft of climbing (and descending!). It’s not quite enough to be able to completely hammer the trails on the weekends like I could in the summer when I was riding six days a week (with a forced rest day) but its not bad. I did notice a good year of hill training has increased my leg-press weight by 33%. I never thought I could get stronger purely from riding but I guess the steep hills in NorCal (Australia is an old continent worn flat) have done it.

    Maintain the struggle against mediocrity!

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