Little bike and pump track for teenage girl?

Hey Lee.
I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a 14 year old girl, 5’7″, 140 lbs. pump track and free ride bikes. We kind of have a budget and can’t get too expensive. What bikes would you recommend?

And also, would a 20×30 space work for a small practice pump track? Or would we have to find a larger space?


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Hi Cherilyn,

It sounds like you’re about to start some fun stuff.

Any of the DJ hardtails will do great. Specialized P. bike, Giant STP, Norco, etc. Go to your local shop, find a price point and color you like, then go for it!

Yes, you can make a fun little pump track in 20×30. The ebook Welcome to Pump Track Nation includes lots of track designs. Here’s one that’ll fit your space.

Have fun!

— Lee

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  1. cmc says:

    if you’re on a budget and she’s only 14, i would at least consider getting her a BMX.

    a Dirt Jump mountain bike, like a Specialized P, Giant STP, etc. is going to run you at least $650 probably more. for a small person, things like bunnyhops and manuals will be harder to learn on a 26″ wheel bike.

    on the other hand, a complete good BMX, from a company like DK or FIT will be only $200 – $400. i bought my girlfriend the DK Fury 24″ wheel bmx cruiser and she loved it.

    if she’s going to do a lot of cross country trail riding on bumpy trails, then a shock fork is good. but if you’re in an urban/suburban area with lots of riding on the street and she wants to learn some tricks, skills, jumping, etc. then BMX all the way.

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