Reader feedback: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Hi all, I’m starting another book, and I’m doing a little market research. If you don’t mind helping, could you please post comments regarding these questions?

1. If you own Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, have you read the whole book? What do you like about the way it’s done? What could be better?

2. How do you like the balance of text and images?

3. Does the text speak to you effectively? Is it too informal, too technical or just right?

4. Are the images effective? Do they look cool? Do they convey information?

5. How old are the people in your household who have read the book? Do your kids read it? Do teens read it? Is the book effective for them?

6. Is Mastering Mountain Bike Skills in your bathroom? Now that’s a high compliment! 🙂

Whatever else you want to say. … Thanks so much!

— Lee

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