Welcome to Pump Track Nation v2

How to build the best pump track on Earth — Yours

2nd Edition! Vastly redone and 3x the size.

Through www.leelikesbikes.com I get lots of questions about designing and building pump tracks. I answer many questions on the site, but I thought it was time to put all of the essential info in one place. This ebook contains never-before-published information about designing and building pump tracks. If you spend a few bucks on this book, you’ll spend less time building — and more time riding!

Pages: 90
Photos: 73
Diagrams: 42
Ebook: $20
Print book: $28

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What is a pump track?
Know your pump track history
Why build a pump track?
How much does a pump track cost?
Must-do checklist
Choosing a location
Grade and drainage
You’ll need these tools
Don’t make these mistakes
Dig down or stack up?
Do you want a track or a park?
How pumping works
Rad rollers
Beautiful berms
Berm-to-berm transitions
Building interchanges
Sweet jumps
Designing your track
Sample layouts
What kind of dirt?
Testing your dirt
How much dirt do you need?
Make a build sheet
Draw your track on the ground
Place your dirt
Shape your track
If you dig up your yard
About soil compaction
Pack your track
Managing risk
Pump track liability waiver
Let’s do this!

Order Welcome to Pump Track Nation here >>>