Pump track surface report: base rock fines

In August I posted photos of a beautifully landscaped pump track made out of finely crushed rock, aka “compacted base rock fines.” Here’s a status report from Cynthia Tanyan of Mozaic Landscape design.


I just talked to the owner and got some good feedback.

He’s been using the track a lot, says no problem at all with the compaction and hardness of the surface — rollers and berms all intact. It does not get muddy like a dirt track would. But the trade off is that it does require periodic maintenance in sweeping away loose gravel/sand grit.

He says it’s really rough when you fall and can tear up clothing and skin. He always wears gear — elbow, knee pads and gloves (and helmet) minimum for protection. He said if he did it again, he might go to the expense of sifting the base fines to remove the larger grit particles for a smoother surface. But says its fine for riding — just allow for periodic sweeping/maintenance, and especially wear gloves.

He says as the riders get more proficient, they want to tweak the track, add planks to ride up the fence, jump off the shed roof, expand jumps — allowing for expansion and tweaking should be part of the plan. His friends are inspired and doing their own thing in their backyards too. He also said what a great aerobic workout it is — like skiing, 45min and one is very tired. He’s really been enjoying it as part of their entertaining.

Hope that helps. Keep me posted as to your experience, I’d like to keep learning about what works best.


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Right on! As Mark Weir says: “Pump tracks are the new horseshoes.”

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Here’s the original post: Suburban pump track madness

More info about building trails with crusher fines: www.americantrails.org

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