Any more CX braaaping?

Got any updates on the cx braaaping you were doing a while ago? Been thinking about
ditching the street/jump bike because it is not nice to my bones and something like
the tricross seems super fun and practical.

Hey Stephen,

I had to return the Tricross, but it sure was fun. I had the chance to buy one, but — I dunno — it’s a low priority for me. I’m pretty happy riding my P.3 around town. If I need to ride farther, I rock the Stumpy. It’s not like I’m in a hurry to go fast on the street, and I sure do love riser bars — and the ability to rip The Fix pump track while I’m in town.

When The Girl gets strong again on her road bike (following two ACL reconstructions), I plan to put slicks on the Stumpy. If I can’t hang with her I’ll look into a Tricross. Otherwise, I’ll stay the mountain biker I am.

Also: I’m currently on a BMX kick. I should be getting a pair of Intense BMX bikes — a 20 and a 24 — in a couple weeks. So sweet!

BTW: In ordinary riding a ‘cross bike will be a lot stiffer and more punishing than your DJ bike. (As long as you’re not hucking your DJ bike to flat.)

Ask yourself: Am I a drop bars kinda guy, or a riser bars kinda guy?


— Lee

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