The past few days in O.C.

It’s so very strange to travel without a bike, but I’ve been keeping busy. You see, I’ve started creating the definitive BMX how-to book (with accompanying video). This work will do for BMX what Mastering Mountain Bike Skills did for MTB — only better, because I’ve learned a lot over the past few years. Game on.

Land at John Wayne Airport, pick up a sick Chevy Aveo (a “shoe box with wheels” according to the disappointed rental guy) and rip up to the Intense BMX office in Cerritos. Talk with BMX/MTB legend Toby Henderson for a few hours about bike designing, building, selling, riding and racing. Shoot some photos. Drive to the parents’ house in Lake Forest.

Run hard for 10 minutes to get the body working. Drive down to Carlsbad to AA Pro Jason Richardson’s house. Talk with him for a few hours about gate starts, sprinting form, racing, pump tracks and Life. Shoot photos and video of Jason. Hop on Jason’s 20 — wow, it feels good! Visit my Aunt Arline in Oceanside. Drive back up to O.C. Run for 30 minutes.

Write up notes. Run for 40 minutes. Do a bunch of lunges, Hindu squats and divebomber pushups. Get a haircut from my brother Paul. Pick up Chinese food for my parents and me. Process some photos. Set up more interviews.

Sunday (today)
More writing. Plenty of email. Ride a bike trainer for 30 minutes. Rock a Health Rider (which was a lot like pumping) for 15 minutes. Miscellaneous and sundry dumbbell exercises. Meet AA Pro and current ABA National Champ Danny Caluag at Orange County BMX. Talk and shoot. He leaves. I stay and shoot the races. Lots of kids, plus a 31-35 cruiser class. I’m jonesing to ride.

Tomorrow and beyond
Interview Toby and Pete D up at Intense BMX. Meet Danny there then shoot at Bellflower BMX. If there’s time maybe haul out to Ontario for more track action. It’s snowing at home in Colorado; gotta rock hard while I’m here. Tuesday I meet Jason again in Carlsbad. Wednesday I fly home and start putting this all together.

Stay tuned …

Dude: I’m getting a 20 and Cruiser, and I cannot wait to ride them!!!

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