4X in CO?

Hey Lee,
Great site ya got! Hey I’ve been out of serious bike stuff (just playing at the BMX tracks and skateparks with the kiddos) for awhile. Anyway, I’m trying to find more info on 4X for ’08, like is there a series in CO and if so, where?
Thanks, Eric

Hey Eric,

Do we have 4X in Colorado? … Heck yeah!!! Some would say we have the best around:

– The Yeti Spring Series in Nathrop. www.rpmcycling.org

– The Mountain States Cup all over Colorado and into New Mexico. racemsc.com

Try the Yeti races in spring. They’re competitive yet mellow, and Keith Darner’s ranch is beautiful.

Hot racing action at this year’s Spring Series #1.

For stories and photos, poke around the Events section of this site.