Pump/jump in San Luis Obispo?

Hey Lee…..Just wondering if you know of any pump/jump spots in San Luis Obispo area of California. I am traveling there a week from today and I would like to hit some spots. I know of some great areas to MTB around but I am looking for the “other” kind of riding. : ) Trying to figure out what bike to bring.
Thanks – Ray, OKC

Certified satellite engineer and MTB badass Curtis Beavers earned his chops at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Hey Ray,

I don’t know of any spots in the SLO area, but I’ll bet they exist. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has a powerful racing team, and those guys are riding somewhere. I suggest looking on Ridemonkey’s regional boards.

Also, a few loyal leelikesbikes readers are from SLO. Jeff Kendall-Weed, Curtis Beavers … are you out there?


— Lee

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  1. Jeff Kendall-Weed says:

    How long/when will you be here?

    Send me an email, I can get you in touch with what you’re looking for. I’m going north for X-mas on Wed, so I won’t be here to show you around. However, I’ll be back pretty quick after X-mas. We don’t really have much in terms of jumps, but there is some stuff. We’re just too busy riding all the SICK XC trails to be bothered with digging much!

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Right on Jeff. I knew you were out there.

    Cal Poly SLO has produced some great riders and fine gentlemen …

  3. MW says:

    It was a plesure to meet you and your wife. Glad you made the trip down to ride. Long live the pump track nation! Marshall

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