Pump/jump in San Luis Obispo?

Hey Lee…..Just wondering if you know of any pump/jump spots in San Luis Obispo area of California. I am traveling there a week from today and I would like to hit some spots. I know of some great areas to MTB around but I am looking for the “other” kind of riding. : ) Trying to figure out what bike to bring.
Thanks – Ray, OKC

Certified satellite engineer and MTB badass Curtis Beavers earned his chops at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Hey Ray,

I don’t know of any spots in the SLO area, but I’ll bet they exist. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has a powerful racing team, and those guys are riding somewhere. I suggest looking on Ridemonkey’s regional boards.

Also, a few loyal leelikesbikes readers are from SLO. Jeff Kendall-Weed, Curtis Beavers … are you out there?


— Lee

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