Tire review: Geax Saguaro White Collection

I’ve spent fall and winter these sweet whitewalls, and it’s time to tell you about them.

The tire

The Saguaro is Geax’s general medium/hard tire. It has a central ridge for fast rolling and stepped, open side knobs for consistent cornering. All of the knobs are low and well supported. This translates to a firm, connected feel with the ground.

The TNT (tube/no tube) model is UST ready. Its Aramid Racing 3D Compound has a hardness of 60A — a compromise between hard/fast and soft/slow. It’s a big 2.2 — as big as a Maxxis 2.5

The Saguaro White Collection is a TNT Saguaro with a more durable casing, added sidewall protection, and butyl inserts on the bead. It’s basically a burly Saguaro. This extra burliness weighs about 90 grams. Saguaro TNT: 700 grams. Saguaro White Collection: 790 grams.

The entire White Collection consists of the Tattoo 2.2 for street and park; the Saguaro 2.2 for medium/hard terrain and the Lobo Mas Loco 2.5 for loose/medium FR/DH.

And let’s not forget that white sidewall!

The ride

I’ve had these tires on my P.3 since October. That means lots of pavement, some pump, some jump, some DS, some urban and a bit of trail.

– I can feel the increased weight compared with the ultra-light Specialized tires I was running. But: I flatted those tires a lot, and I haven’t flatted the Saguaro yet. I’m running light tubes. Nothing fancy.

– These tires roll pretty fast. Not crazy-fast. Not slow. Pretty fast.

– I do a lot of aggressive corner-pumping on flat pavement, which folds the knobs of most tires. The Specializeds and Maxxi bend and squirm and drift until the rubber and asphalt molecules come to an agreement. The Saguaro White feels very stable. There is no squirm; the tire holds firmly then starts to drift. What this means: You can ride these tires VERY hard with high confidence. Pump Track Nation.

– Surfaces. Pavement is good. Hardpacked dirt is great. Loose over hardpack is great. Loam is great. Big rocks are good. (Cold/packed snow is pretty good. Slush is bad. Ice is terrible! Hey, we’re having a heavy winter here in Colorado.)

– The rubber seems to last forever. Three months of riding, and the knobs still look perfect. Am I getting weak?

– And let’s not forget that white sidewall!

Impressive braking traction, even on very loose dirt. Perfect technique doesn’t hurt. From Camp Darner 2007.

For dirt jumping you want speed, stability, durability and pimp daddy style. Check, check, check and check.

To sum it up

I’ve been riding these tires a few days a week for about three months, and I like ’em. They’re a good match for my P.3 — just hop on and ride. Pump, jump, commute, hill intervals, whatever. For DS racing I might rock something lighter with stickier rubber. But for everyday riding in a wide range of conditions, these tires are rocking hard.

If you want a pretty-fast, pretty-light, very durable tire for all-around hardpacked fun, the Saguaro White is a good choice.

And let’s not forget that white sidewall!

I look forward to trying the Lobo Mas Loco 2.5 for DH. Stay tuned …

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