Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy, Videos 1 and 2

I paid full retail for these two videos, and I am bummed.

Who: Donnie “Holeshot” Hansen. Former Factory Honda rider with Supercross, National Motocross and Trophee des Nations titles. He teaches schools in Southern California. He might be a great teacher, but it does not come through in the video.

Video 1: Starts/Braking

Video 2: Cornering/Passing

MSRP: $35 each

Good: It’s always beneficial to watch good riders, and the videos contain some gems of knowledge. But those gems are worth about 10 minutes and $10, not an hour and $70.

Bad: Haphazard organization. Rambling speeches. Unclear instructions. These videos really annoyed me.

Worth buying?: No!

In case you’re curious:

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