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Hey Lee,

Always a big fan of the site. What kind of software do you use to make your site? I’m trying to put together something like your site of ride pictures and stuff that I can update and love the nice clean setup you have. If it’s a program (and not web based) do you use a Mac or PC?



Hey Taylor.

I use WordPress to publish my site. It’s free and really slick. You can have them host a simple site which is SUPER easy, or you can install their software on your Web server — which is what I did. They have lots of pre-done designs; I customized the code to make it look like my original site.

Check it out:

BTW: I do all my photo editing, drawing, writing and html on my Mac, then I post it all through WordPress.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey Lee that’s awesome. WordPress is great software, and also really good for search engines… I noticed your site is now # 1 for searches on leelikesbikes (which it should be) and pump tracks and probably a who lot of other revenue driving words. Which is great because I remember a year or two ago trying to find your site with no luck. I had to track down some guys post in a forum just to get here.

    Anyways I’m only posting because I noticed you didn’t have any
    . I’m not sure how much traffic you get, but some guys are making hundreds even thousand a day on this alone. If you haven’t already test it out. It’s free money!

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