Feats of Strength

Here’s how it goes. 1) Ride for several hours, to the point of serious fatigue. 2) Go down to the basement and do a bunch of lifts with percentages of your body weight. Perform to failure. Change exercise. Repeat.

Collectively these exercises are a great endurance workout and a good indicator of overall strength. Today we laid down some pre-season numbers.

Bench press Pulldowns Power clean
55lbs, 60 sec.
Lee 40/95lbs 45/90lbs 26 27
Matt 20/95lbs 31/90lbs 26 10
Steve 33/95lbs 55/75lbs 27 15
Bobbi 38/65lbs 15/60lbs 28

Steve Wentz was pretty much the man today. Matt Fisher is a strong cat, but shoulder problems were holding him back. Bobbi Watt owned dips, as expected. I held my own on bench press. Today’s numbers aren’t that important — they set benchmarks to beat.

By Sea Otter:

50 reps on bench press and pulldowns. 30 power cleans. 32 dips.

Sweet masochistic fun!

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