Feats of Strength

Here’s how it goes. 1) Ride for several hours, to the point of serious fatigue. 2) Go down to the basement and do a bunch of lifts with percentages of your body weight. Perform to failure. Change exercise. Repeat.

Collectively these exercises are a great endurance workout and a good indicator of overall strength. Today we laid down some pre-season numbers.

Bench press Pulldowns Power clean
55lbs, 60 sec.
Lee 40/95lbs 45/90lbs 26 27
Matt 20/95lbs 31/90lbs 26 10
Steve 33/95lbs 55/75lbs 27 15
Bobbi 38/65lbs 15/60lbs 28

Steve Wentz was pretty much the man today. Matt Fisher is a strong cat, but shoulder problems were holding him back. Bobbi Watt owned dips, as expected. I held my own on bench press. Today’s numbers aren’t that important — they set benchmarks to beat.

By Sea Otter:

50 reps on bench press and pulldowns. 30 power cleans. 32 dips.

Sweet masochistic fun!

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  1. Norcal says:

    That’s it! It’s bad enough that you steal the feats of strength name. That is a norcal game that takes place at heartbreak ridge in Novato. This game takes speed, strength and the ability to drink lot’s a beer. It has never been about 4 men grunting in a dark basement. Hell it sounds like fun! I’m coming over…

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey PowderPuff,

    1. Bobbi might disagree about the 4 men in a basement. But she can probably do more dips than you.

    2. Bring it!

    A. National Pump Track Challenge.
    B. Yummy EAS recovery drinks.
    C. Feats of real strength.
    D. Beer after.

  3. Kevin says:

    is this some sort of valentine’s festivus? how about riding from the hill to my house, write out a valentine and back to campus in 19 minutes? my legs might fall off tonight as i sleep.

  4. Ron says:

    Hey Lee,

    As you challenged me to bring it before, heres what I am laying down. 20 laps a day at Pikes Peak BMX, 2 hour xc ride up the front range, 1 hour in the gym. I do this daily on a 3 day split format. I will most certainly woop you when we meet. Oh yeah, I have 79% fast twitch, so you better work on those gates. Off to the track I go, tough guy.

    I’ve read your book. I know your secrets. Now we battle,

    Ron Cook

  5. Ihatebikes says:

    d’oh! My one-day a week riding sessions aren’t cutting it. I’m going to get whooped at Sea Otter if I don’t get off my ass.. Guess I’m going to the gym tonight. I will see those 28 dips and raise it to 35!

  6. ted,indian boy says:

    41 YEARS OLD 2-31/2 HOUR RIDES EVERY SUNDAY,43+ hrs.work week,lifting on average 11 to 14000 lbs a day,4-6 days/week in the gym too FUN FUN FUN!!!

  7. Willie says:

    How dare Norcal says that about stealing the name. Feats of strength is from Festivus.
    For those of you not familiar with Festivus, its a holiday Kramer and George’s dad invent in Seinfeld. Festivus for the rest of us!

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