Specialized Resolution Pro D2 Tubeless Tire

I’ve been braaaping these tires for a season now, and — although they don’t let me ride like a complete idiot — I dig ’em.

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Size: 26 x 2.3 — It’s the same size as a Maxxis Minion 2.5

Tread pattern: Fast-rolling center knobs with exposed yet well-supported side knobs. My favorite style for all-around action.

Compound: 65a in the center, 55a on the sides

Intent: Trail

Context: Mounted tubeless on Mavic 823 rims. Enduro SL Pro with FOX 36 VAN fork and FOX RP23 shock. Usually 30-35psi in front, 35-40psi in rear.

Situations: Raced DH at Sea Otter. Insane training at Left Hand Canyon. Trail riding and Super D all over CO. Hardpack, sand, rock, mud. A little bit of DJ/pump.


– Overall, I love this tire. I usually change tires every time the barometer changes, but I mounted these in spring and have left them there until now.

– It rolls pretty fast, is tolerably light and corners well in a variety of conditions. The cornering is very consistent edge to edge, which I like. When the knobs decide to let go, they do it smoothly and predictably. Which I also like.

– I was recently riding XC like a maniac, and I tore the rear tire open on a pointy rock. Colorado has lots of those, and when I’ m pinning it I’m not good at avoiding them. I tore the front open the same way practicing for the Crested Butte downhill. This is not a downhill tire! You can’t ride it the same way! I did, and every once in a while the dice came up snake eyes.

– BUT: I raced this tire on the smooth Sea Otter DH, and it was perfect. Fast, fast, fast!

– With this tire, you can ride as hard as you want on smooth trails. If you live in rocks, you gotta hold back a bit. At least I do.

– Basically, this is a solid all-around trail tire. You can use it for XC, AM, dual slalom or whatever. As long as you don’t go smashing through pointy rocks, it’ll take great care of you.

Specialized just came out with the Eskar series of tires. I’m about to ride a pair of Eskar Armadillo Elite 2.3s on a rocky trail — stay tuned.

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  1. brett says:

    lee – thanks for the tire writeups! i’m running this tire as well and have been happy with it. i do think it is a little lightweight and i’ve torn a couple of holes on sharp rocks – but they’ve been stronger overall than I expected given their weight. I can’t bear the thought of running these as a front tire unless that trail is el-smooth-o though…

    am i crazy in thinking that the predecessor to this tire (the Adrenaline) was a little tougher?

    I run this in the rear and the Enduro 2.4″ in the front. Very happy with this combo. I feel like the knobs on the Enduro are good and meaty, bite well in the loose, and have enough slow rebound steeze to keep me pointed in the direction i want… but they have tall squirmy knobs that keep me from running them front and rear… so a fast-rolling adrenaline or resolution does the trick. It speeds up the rolling resistance of the meatier Enduro and calms the squirmy knobs. Best of both worlds.

  2. jason says:

    thats interesting you are running the Enduro/Resolution combo F/R. I ran that set up last year thru fall and winter but ran the Reso front and Enduro rear. Just wait until you try the new 08 Specialized tires, light, 2bliss ready, tougher, more versatile. Check out the 08 Eskar as a evolved Resolution and the Chunder single ply as a more stable, faster rolling, higher traction version of an Enduro tire.

    its all deadly…

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