BMX Worlds videos

You wanna see some great riding? Check out the final motos from last week’s BMX Worlds in Canada. All classes, baby!

Thanks to Chris Powell for the heads-up.

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  1. Rip Ripley says:

    Hey Lee:

    Sitting here in Whistler at Earl’s and we just finished watching the Canadian rebroadcast of the event on CBS, (Canadian Broadcasting System), too cool. Also watching them tear down the last feature from Crankworks… not so cool. Matt et al had a great time, qualified 7th for Crankworks 4X and placed the same. Flying home tomorrow and on to Aspen Wednesday. See you there, Eh… Pass me that Kokanee RR

  2. PostCanyonLoc says:

    Bummer, does that affect his quest for the olympics? Wish we had a 4X track in the NW, hell even a proper pump track would be cool.

  3. CP says:

    Points started then and since Khalen Young made the main and Jamie Gray made semi’s, they both are ahead of him, however, there is still around 9 races next year plus 4 sx rounds worth more points than the regular UCI rounds, plus worlds next year…he has plenty of time and oppertunities to secure a spot since Australia will likely be able to send 3 riders. If he can put together some track speed equal to his 1st straight, watch out everybody. CP

  4. PostCanyonLoc says:

    Thanks for the lowdown guys. Decline did such a great story on his bid for the Olympics that I wanted follow it the best I could. Thanks Lee and crew!

  5. Chris says:

    That’s so interesting to study. Graves loses ground on everyone when he manuals at the end of the third straight. He is the only one to manual, most clear it or pump it. That pit is very deep, his bike is vertical! On youtube if you search for ‘Jared Graves – Interbike Footage’ there are two bits of some great manualling by him after the Willengen jumps footage. Watch his front wheel in the first part of the second set – it travels in a horizontal line (if my memory serves me correctly). The guy can manual!

  6. Jonas says:

    Jared Graves surely did a mistake there, I think he had to grab his brake or he would have flipped. Would be cool to see Graves, Kintner, Chausson at the Olympics.
    Maybe I’m a bit patriotic, but I think the junior final is the best BMX race I’ve ever seen, from last place to world champion, an unbelievable race.

  7. PostCanyonLoc says:

    Did Jared tense up enough to hamper the flow at the end there? You can tell he hit his brake there….would love to ask him about that- if he could have that over again, what would he do?

  8. Chris says:

    PostCanyonLoc, wonder no longer! This is from

    “had a stacked quarter final after that, with Christian again, Donny Robinson, Danny Caluag, Steven Cisar, and Sifiso Nhlapo… got a good start and almost holeshotted, just had christian inside me so he took the lead, and i was in 2nd, not sure what was going on behind me, but christian was balling everyone up and i couldnt find a way past, just before the last turn while still in 2nd, chrstian made a bit of a mistake and i was left nowhere to go but straight up the back of him…..and was instantly swamped by 5 guys, and as easy as that my day was done…gutted again. With this many fast guys here there were so many capable of going all the way, it was very tough, but i had an awesome time and i already cant wait for next year!”

    I can see now that Christian Becerine is slower over the doubles than everyone else and Jared gets super close (our view is blocked Pablo Gutierrez in the red pants). I guess that is what Jared is talking about.

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