Chris King headsets on Specialized bikes

Hey Lee I have an 07 Enduro SL Comp and I also have a bike I am parting out that has a new Chris King Headset in it. Will a standard Chris King 1-1/8″ fit the Enduro SL? I would like to switch it out before I sell the parts off if it will fit. The reason I ask is I have heard that Specialized uses a slightly oversized headset cup.


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Hey Glen,

I’ve been running Chris King headsets in my Specializeds for years, on my own dime, with no problems. But I’ve heard the same thing recently, so I asked The Man Himself, Brandon Sloan. He’s the product manager for high-end Specialized mountain bikes. He says:

– Specialized head tubes do tend to run a bit large. A tiny bit.

– This is no problem for Taiwan-made headsets like Cane Creek and FSA, but Chris Kings tend to run a bit smaller. And Chris Kings are very consistent.

– If you have a Specialized, you can run any Taiwanese headset, or you can contact Chris King for their “oversize skirt.” The diameter is slightly larger to better fit Specializeds (and any other Taiwan-made head tubes/frames).

Hope that helps. Like I said: my Enduros, Demos and SXes have all had King headsets, with no problems. The gold King in my SX — I’ve had that headset for five years on three bikes, and it’s perfect.

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