Good all-around tire: Specialized Resolution Pro

Or: “Of tires and fishing rods”

What do you think is the best all around tire out there??? fast rolling, great grip etc, oh fearless leader of the tech declined!

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Hey John,

Tires (and bikes) are like fishing rods — each is optimized for a different situation. When I was into fishing I had about 12 rods, from ultra-light spinning with 4-lb line to ultra-heavy conventional with 80-lb line. Each rod was made for a specific fishing condition: 1-lb rainbow trout in a manmade lake, 100-lb grouper in Baja, or whatever.

My favorite rod was a 7-foot graphite spinning rod with a Penn reel and 8-lb line. That reel has a smooth Teflon drag mechanism, and with that setup I’ve caught everything from 6-inch bluegill to 40-lb mahi mahi. I used that rod so much it was an extension of my brain. I could put a lure or bait anywhere I wanted, and with patience I could handle huge fish. I felt comfortable in almost any situation.

The same idea goes for bike setup. Although I ride a full fleet of bikes and change tires every time the barometer drops, I believe in picking a good general setup and learning to rock it.

For all-around riding — trails, jumps, pumps, a bit of downhill — I like these traits in a tire:

– Fast rolling.
– Aggressive but stable side knobs.
– Pinch-flat resistance.
– Decently light.
– I climb just fast enough to get the job done; I definitely optimize for the descent.

There are lots of fine candidates: Maxxis Minions and High Rollers, Kenda Nevegals, WTB Mutano Raptors and Weir Wolves, etc.

Right now I’m rocking the 2.3 Specialized Resolution Pro UST tire on my Enduro SL. It has hard, fast-rolling center knobs; soft, exposed side knobs; tubeless for good flat prevention; decent weight. It hooks well on hard and soft, wet and dry, up and down, mellow and insane. I plan to rock it all summer for trail riding and the mellower downhill courses.

1. Pick something that makes sense. 2. Rock it.


— Lee

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  1. Martyn says:

    Similar here Lee, Stuck back on the SL the original Resolution Pro and lovin them so far, Like you said I’m doing my best to keep to one tyre. Braaap!

    Now you’ve got me saying it…

  2. JakeB says:

    The Specialized Enduro Pro – Dual compounds are doing pretty good for me up here in New England.

    2.4F / 2.2R

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Another great tire. The Resolution is a bit quicker-rolling (and has less cornering kung fu).

  4. ccm says:

    trek fuel 98
    bootleg canyon boulder city nevada
    resolution pro tubeless 2.1 on the rear
    larson tt 2.0 front
    I just completed three and half hour ride and have inspected the resolution, I’m very pleased. I purchased this current tire for the front but, I installed it on the rear for fit and to my suprised it did, so it remained. I have ordered a resolution 2.3 for the front. I was on the net to determine weight when I came across this site. I’ll keep you informed; second tire wil be tested next week if the cool morning weather holds. Stay in the saddle

  5. martyn says:

    How would the ednuro front and resolution on the back perform? I’m finding the Resolutions great and can’t complain.

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    That would work well. More DHish than Resos front and rear. Faster-rolling than Enduros front and rear.

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