Goofy-footed cornering question

Hi Lee,

I’ve been perusing your site for awhile now, mostly browsing through your skills sections. I’ve got to say it’s great. Thanks for posting such useful info.

I’ve got a quick question regarding a little problem I’m trying to overcome lately. I was reading your article on leaning the bike (Leaning: street motos vs. mountain bikes) and trying to put it into practice. I’ve found that I can really rail left hand turns now using this technique, much better than before. It really works. But I still feel really awkward going right.

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Bobbi Watt rocks the sweet form. Leaning: street motos vs. mountain bikes

I’m left-handed and left foot-dominant and I feel like this is part of the issue. It just feels really weird to mirror my body position when going right. I’m sure the answer is “keep practicing, if you can do it left you can do it right”. Do you have any suggestions, drills, etc. for overcoming my right-handed / footed short comings?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Schall

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Hey Dave,

Unusual. Left turns are right-leg dominant.

Which foot do you lead with? Where are your feet when you’re doing these

— Lee

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Hey Lee,

I figure you’re a pretty busy guy but I thought I’d let you know I figured it out! Turns out it didn’t have anything to do with the feet.

“Push left to go left, push right to go right” Sound familiar? I’m left handed so pushing left comes naturally. Pushing on my right doesn’t. Once I figured that out, things started working for me. I just have to be ‘mental’ with it for a while until it becomes natural.

Gotta say the book helped big time on that one. I was riding with a friend Wednesday and he commented that he was surprised how fast I was through a real twisty section of trail that we had just ridden. I told him about you and he ordered your book the next day. Do I get a referral fee? 😉

Good luck racing this season.

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