Cool video: Polyester Fashion

Our man Kevin Shiramizu has made a sweet video chronicling North American racing, Rocky Mountain regional racers and their hometown riding spots. It’s a must-have for every regional rider, and for anyone who appreciates a quality vid from a young up-and-comer.

From the DVD jacket:

Polyester Fashion: For people who like racing and going fast. Featuring riding from Rudy Unrau, Joey Schusler, Cody Wilderman, Nate Scherling, TJ Sharp, Matt Fisher, Steve Wentz, and David Camp. Shot all over North America through the 2006 season, Polyester Fashion is about HAVING FUN.

What I think:

Poly Fash is indeed a fun watch. There’s plenty of sweet riding, and the riders’ passion really comes through. This is a must-have for Mountain States regional riders, and a great addition to anyone’s MTB DVD collection. It’s definitely down-home, but it’s much more refined than, say, Clay Porter’s early work. Watch and be stoked!

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