Jump action: leaning to one side

hey lee,
When I jump my bike always pulls to one side (leans). any ideas oh master of flight???

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Steve Wentz sucks up a little table at Mach 3. Note the utter lack of tension in his arms.

Hey John,

Yeah, I have some ideas. Always with the ideas …

What you’re doing

1. Pulling with your arms. One arm is stronger, and that’s pulling your bike to one side.

2. Remaining tense in the air. You take off crooked. You stay crooked. If you’re in the air long enough, you land crooked. Ka-blooey.

What you should be doing

1. As always, ride with your feet. Push your pedals into the lip. Let your bike rebound into the air. No pulling!

2. Relax. Stay supple, especially with your upper body. Let your innate sense of balance adjust for the inevitable funny business.

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