XL with short stem or L with long stem?

Hi Lee,

Love your book, love your site and can’t wait for the DVD. I have a question for you.

I have an 2007 Giant Anthem 1. I have recently started racing XC. I was toying with the idea of purchasing an Anthem Advance but have come up with this question. I am 6’2 and currently ride an XL 22′ frame. I have recently lowered the seat after reading ur book and hearing interview and run a 100mm stem. Am I better to run a larger frame (XL) or go to a shorter frame (L) and run a longer stem?

If I ride a Large with a 120mm stem its pretty much the same length just the head tube length is shorter so I would need run higher bars etc.

Thanks in advance. Darren

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Hey Darren,

1. According to Giant’s online specs, the XL’s top tube is almost an inch longer than the L’s.

2. As Brandon Sloan at Specialized says, “Shorter stems are always better.” If you like your current setup, rock the XL with a 100mm stem. DO NOT try a shorter bike with a longer stem.

Have I said Rock? What about Braaap?

— Lee

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