Off to Telluride

Another MSC is about to go down. It’s a different thing this year: not racing, concentrating on coaching, seeking a deeper satisfaction, traveling with my love.

We slept in my Sprinter at Snowmass; for Telluride we’re rocking a sweet condo. Since we don’t need a house on wheels, we’re driving her car. My Demo 8 fills the back seat of her 530xi, so there’s no room for the Enduro SL. It’s weird to go anywhere without an Enduro, but I have my super-excellent wife … and in that luxurious rocket we’ll get to Telluride in record time!

A year ago: Traveled by myself. Camped by myself. Broke three ribs on Friday. Suffered through the weekend. Drove home by myself. Chest muscles spasming; doubled over in agony for the six-hour drive. Alone.

Life is change. This is better!

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  1. PostCanyonLoc says:

    I bet your all smiles! If you see Dave Riley, new head honcho there at Telluride, tell him Hello for me.

  2. Roth says:

    Duuuude! Sounds like your wife has seriously upgraded you!! Does she have a sister? Is her sister rockin’ a bad ass ride too? From the looks of it, I maybe missing out!! I want to get upgraded!!!!!!!



  3. Daryl King says:

    Hi Lee,

    a bit off topic but you’re pretty cool in sharing your life and it’s a fair question. I’m a lonely 43, how did you meet/find, another girl so quick?

    I’m stoked for ya just wondering feel kinda stupid asking the question but whatever

    thanks man good vibes!

  4. Zach says:

    Dude, just sent you an email but your thing was full so it sent it back. Clean out your mailbox!

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