2003 Enduro to 2008 Stumpy upgrade?

Hey Lee,

really appreciate the site and book…lots of good info.

The more I read your site the more I realize I just need to become a better rider and stop buying random crap that will ‘make’ me a better rider. The best upgrade I can get is a better me. That being said I’m slowly working on my bike kung-fu, and although I am probably not riding my bike to its fullest potential I cant get my eyes off a new stumpy.

Currently I’m riding a 03 enduro comp with everything replaced/upgraded (vanilla 32 r, juicy 7’s, canecreek wheelset, xt crankset, x-9 shifters/rear derailleur, ect.) ‘cept for the rear shock, seatpost, and obviously the frame….so tell me why I would or would not want to rock the pro stumpy frame and swap over all the components? Would the fork noticably/negatively compete with the rear suspension…?

I have a feeling there is still some things the ole enduro can teach me….but damn, that stumpy frame looks so friggin sweet!

thanks, rob

Mighty Enduro. My 2003 S-Works had a custom shock to slacken the geometry to, oh, that of an 08 Stumpy.

Hey Rob,

I rocked an ’03 Enduro for a few years, and it was awesome! Think of the ’08 Stumpy as the same basic idea, just lighter, stiffer and more efficient. Basically, way more refined.

– The new Stumpy won’t make you a better rider, but you know that (thanks for that).

– The new Stumpy will feel very different. You’ll definitely notice the pedal platform and the lightness. If you ride aggressively, you’ll also notice the stiffness.

– I have been on a mission to wring out my ’08 Stumpy Pro Carbon. I’ve ridden it very aggressively on all of my local XC rides, in Moab and, as of yesterday, at Left Hand Canyon OHV Area. Left Hand is GNARLY and typically ridden on a DH bike or a moto. Last night I rolled two of the more hectic trails Stumpy style, and it worked fine. What I’m trying to say is the new Stumpy, like the old Enduro, is a very versatile, capable bike.

– My Stumpy has the Specialized fork, and I can feel how the fork and shock are meant to work together. That’s the true glory of this bike — the integrated platform. I plan to write a detailed review, but I’ve been busy riding the thing.

– Your fork will work OK, but, if you’re at all in tune with your bikes, it will feel out of balance. The rear shock is designed to be very firm and controlled; your fork is pure plushness. If you had a Vanilla RLC, I’d tell you to dial in the low speed compression to help balance the rear, but you don’t have that option with the R. The only way to balance things out would be to minimize the rear pedal platform, but that would negate the purpose of the frame.

– I suppose the S-Works Stumpy frameset with the Specialized fork ($4k) is not an option.

OK, here are some viable options:

A. Go nuts. Spend $1750 on the new frame. Get your fork PUSHed. Tell those guys which frame your Vanilla is going on, and they’ll know what to do. Try to fit your old parts.

B. Buy a new Stumpjumper complete out of the box. An Expert costs $3,700. Sell your Enduro. This will end up costing the same as the frame upgrade, but you’ll have a brand new bike that kicks almighty ass.

C. Keep riding your Mighty Enduro.

If it were me, I’d rock C until I had the money for B.

Oh, wait: There’s option D — Complete S-Works Stumpy, $7,400!

You have two kidneys, right?

— Lee

Wait! I have a 2007 Stumpy Expert frame for sale. Size medium. Color purple. Brain rear shock. XT front derailleur. $750. With a TALAS RLC fork, Avid Juicy brakes and stock wheels, $1400. This is all in pristine condition; it was a demo bike with very little use. This bike rips! Email me: lee@leelikesbikes.com