Specialized tires: Chunder vs. Clutch?

I’m building up a new DH wheelset, and I’m thinking about trying a lighter tire than my current Minions. I’ve been thinking that the SX casing from Specialized could suit me well, but I can’t decide between the Clutch and Chunder. I live and ride in the Bay Area of NorCal, about an hour and half from Santa Cruz. Firstly, is the SX casing burly enough to not roll over in corners and handle DH riding? Also, which tread pattern is better for the riding out here?

Hey Zach,

I’m gonna guess you live in the East Bay? Lots of dry terrain, some packed, some loose. Plus the occasional trip to Santa Cruz’s moist, loamy love? (I used to live in Clayton, at the north base of Mount Diablo — no, of course I never poached Back Creek Trail …)

The SX casing seems like a good solution for all-around braaap-style riding. It has a folding bead and a burly 60tpi cap ply casing — but it’s more than a half pound lighter PER TIRE than a full DH casing with wire bead. Try a little more air pressure than you run in your DH Minions.

From my experience, the Chunder is a great all-around tire that favors loose conditions. The Clutch is another great all-around tire, but more toward the middle of the spectrum. The Clutch has a rounder profile and more working edges, especially between the center and side knobs. That makes it more versatile for most riders in most situations.




Compared with Maxxis: The Chunder is analogous to a High Roller. The Clutch is analogous to a Minion DHR. Both proven tires.

For all-around riding — from the East Bay’s loose rockiness to Santa Cruz’s wet loaminess — try rocking the Clutch.

I could use some loamy love right now … or some loose rockiness … I just wanna RIDE!!!!

— Lee

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  1. Paul says:

    go with the clutch I have a set of chunders and have ridden the clutch which blows the chunder away in all areas

  2. ZenTurtle says:

    Would you recommend any of these vs. Minion DHF for Northstar riding?
    Looks like the Clutch would be a great tire for Demo, too bad they don’t make the 2bliss version, so I may have to go with the chunder.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    You can’t go wrong with a DHF, but the Clutch and Chunder are definitely worth trying.

    I got a report from a huy at Specialized, who knows the athlete support guy who works with Sam Hill. Hill and Brandan were out testing tires on their test track — all brands against each other. They were loving the Clutch — they said it hoked up VERY well — but they both crashed for seemingly no reason in the same spot. When they looked at the video, they saw the cause: Their handlebars hit the ground. Now that’s traction!

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