Is it worth the money? I’ll tell ya.

Converting Stumpy 29 to EVO?

(Question inspired by Week one: Stumpjumper FSR 29 Carbon S-EVO)

Hello Lee,
I added a fox 34 hoping it would improve my bikes handling about the same time I discovered you site (awesome articles by the way) and was happy to see I wasn’t the only one who tried and loved the 34!
My question is you mention the EVO conversion for the rear. 1) where can I find this, it’s not on the big S site and my searches turn up nothing? 2) have you tried this yet and what were the results?
My hope is the extra 5mm travel would be nice and with the lower BB height the bike might take sharp switchbacks better.


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Day one on the 2012 Demo 8 II

Yesterday I picked up a new 2012 Specialized Demo 8 II. It’s been years since I rocked a downhill bike, and I was honestly worried about the size and slackness. I mean, the last time I rode a head angle like this, the bike was a Honda 250. Could I handle it? Would my years of pump track and indoor trainers make me unable to ride the big bike?

Well …

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Cool folks, new skills, rad trails and a sweet bike in Fruita, CO

Last weekend I taught a skills clinic with EPC Multisport in Fruita, and it was rad.

A quick hit featuring: EPC Multisport, Fruita Bike Park, 18 Road trails, Kokopelli trails and the incredible Stumpy 29 S-EVO

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Stumpy 29 S-EVO: Mountain man gnar

If you’re racing 40something Cat 1 DS and DH at Sea Otter, all 29ers — especially my Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29 Carbon S-EVO — suck. They are big, hoopty admissions of terrible riding ability. Stay away.

The rest of you, keep reading …

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Fyxation Mesa MP pedals

I’m stoked about flat pedals that work big and cost little. The new Fyxation Mesa MP pedals do the job for just $60.

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Epic + Stumpjumper = Camber?

Hey Lee,

I am going to be getting a new mountain bike in the next month or so and I am in need of some sage advice before pulling the trigger. I can only afford one bike. I compete in a few xc races each yr, but want to race a few super Ds. I am looking for a bike that I can race xc, super D, and trail ride on. Since I can’t have an epic for xc racing and a stumpjumper for super Ds and trail riding, I figured a camber 29 carbon would do decent job at these varying styles of riding. I was thinking of purchasing the carbon pro 29 frame with the command post and putting a 120mm (110mm stock) 15qr fox up front with a 1×10 drivetrain. Will I be reaching too far with this bike?

Thanks Lee!

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20-second review: Transition TransAm

When we talk about all-mountain hardtails over here, I often cite the Transition TransAm as a great example of a do-all machine. Last week I got to ride one. Briefly.

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Switch from Epic 29 to Stumpy 29?

Hi Lee,

In the middle of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills book, great reading. I’m thinking of getting a Stumpy FSR 29er. I’ve got an Epic 29er and I’m really happy with it but would like something for rougher trails and that I could do some jumps on. I can’t quite swing the Expert and was wondering if the Comp with the Triad is still compliant to root sized bumps in the propedal position. I’m not a fan of FSRs in fully open position but I think they are great with the Brain. Thanks, Bob

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Questions about remote seatposts

Our colleague EJ has questions. I have answers (or at least opinions).

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First ride: SRAM Rise 60 wheels

Dang, just when I was about to get “29” tattooed on my chest, in came a set of high-end SRAM carbon 26er trail wheels.

Never has my Stumpy felt so alive.
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The new Specialized Ground Control tire

The original Specialized Ground Control, designed back in the day by Wilderness Trail Bikes, lived in an era when we rode one mountain bike for all situations, and a good tire was one that worked everywhere. Heck, I don’t think we gave our tires much thought.

The new Ground Control appears to share that go-everywhere mission.

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A year on Captain America

Captain America — my experimental Stumpjumper HT EVO 26 — has been fighting crime for almost a year. Here’s the long-term report:

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