Fyxation Mesa MP pedals

I’m stoked about flat pedals that work big and cost little. The new Fyxation Mesa MP pedals do the job for just $60.

Construction: Nylon body with steel pins. Nylon bodies are less expensive than metal ones (I think) and are more likely to slide off rocks than grab ’em. The pedals are not heavy.

Shape: Simple, open, industrial, effective. Much like the $70 Answer Roves I like so much. The middle of the pedal is a “safe zone” free of pins or traction aids. This makes it easy to lighten your foot and make adjustments. The pedals feel wide and secure underfoot.

Pins: Replaceable steel. These really dig into soft soles.

Experience: I’ve been riding these pedals for a couple weeks on pump track, dirt jumps, road, trail and some rocky gnar.

Stickiness: With a sticky shoe pressed into these pedals, you are as stuck as on any other pedal I’m riding (Point One Racing Podium, Answer Rove, Specialized Lo Pro Mag). With a tentatively loaded street shoe, the pedals feel pretty vague (I suppose that’s better for tricks?); when you’re riding with a capital R, they stick just fine.

Durability: Too soon to say.

Price: $59.95

Overall: Stoked so far. Since I like a narrower “Q factor,” I’m putting my feet all the way inboard, overlapping the inside edge of the pedal, and it’s working fine (you can’t do that with the Podium). I look forward to seeing how the Mesa MPs feel when bashed into rocks.

Learn more and order: www.fyxation.com/products/catalog/mesa-v2-pedal

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