Tires for Super D and regular riding

Our friend Rob is wondering about a few Maxxis options, plus you know I have a Specialized idea.


My questions is: I am looking at a number of tires for racing Super D and Regular Riding, including wet/moist conditions. I would like to stick with something in a 2.35 in the Maxxis line-up. I want them to have low rolling resistance, but also good in wet conditions (early season and late season). When riding is dry I love my Maxxis Larsens 2.35’s (do not think the Larsens would hold up for Super D?).

The tires I am looking at are:
1) Maxxis Ardent
2) Maxxis High Roller (old faithful to many for many years)
3) Maxxis Cross Mark (not sure as it is more xc based, would it hold out for Super D riding???)

I have ridden Kenda Nevegals, 2.35 E-Stick for a season, but not much of a fan.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

On another note; I am very much looking forward to the BMX book (use for 4x training, as where I live all 4x racing is at BMX tracks) and next addition of MTB Skills Book (any idea on release date?).

Take care,


Hey Rob,

Thanks for the note. Let’s take this one thing at a time.

Super D requirements: A consistent tread that holds in any condition. Reasonably light. Reasonably quick. Durable! Because you’re pinning it so hard, I think lightness and quickness aren’t as important as confidence.

Larsens: As you know, a great tire for hardpack. For aggressive riding on mixed/wet terrain, more side knob makes sense.

CrossMark: An XC-oriented tire. Biggest size is a 2.25. Would be fine on the back. Not ideal for your uses.

High Roller: A classic favorite for a reason. Rolls pretty well. Corners well. Works in most conditions. Square profile favors aggressive leaning.

Ardent: The newest model from Maxxis. Low center knobs, exposed side knobs and a round profile. My friend/rival Will MacDonald runs this tire on pump track and assorted trail, and it works great. The 2.4 has a much gnarlier tread than the 2.25. You might consider a 2.4 in front and a 2.25 in back, or 2.25s front and rear for a slightly quicker feel.

It’s my duty to recommend a similar Specialized tire.

Eskar: Low center knobs and exposed side knobs. My current official tire. I’ve been rocking the 2.35 on pump track, dirt jump and assorted trail, and it works great. I use the Control version with the Kevlar belt. It is very durable.

If I were you, I’d try the Ardent (or the Eskar).

BMX book: I’m looking for the right printer (and the money to print). That book will be great for all mountain bikers, especially gated racers.

MMBSii: The publisher says it’ll be out this spring. That’s all I know. It’s a huge improvement over MMBSi.

I’m excited to get both books out. But I really want to get out and ride!

Rip it,

— Lee

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  1. tony says:

    winter is the best time for “tire talk” and dreaming of riding. but this past weekend, I had a couple of great rides and found a dreamy new tire!

    I’ve been running a Kenda Telonix 2.4 as a rear tire for about a year now…great tread and durable for all rocky and loose conditions. my front tire has been a Nevegal FreeRide 2.5 sticky free ride version.

    I had an extra Nevi FR hanging in my garage and my telonix was pretty worn, so I decided to put the hybrid Nevi on the rear. All I can say is “dreamy”! great traction, lively but planted. no dead thud sound of the dual ply downhill tire, but still “bullet proof” in the rough stuff!

    the new Telonix I ordered is coming in tomorrow, but it may be hanging in the rafters for a bit…

  2. Daniel says:

    I don’t think you can go wrong here. I’ve used the Eskar and the Ardent. Both are great tires. If you are a tubeless guy, the Eskar has the advantage of a tubeless bead which Maxxis does not offer for that tire.

  3. Al says:

    I run the Eskar with cafe latex sealant and I have had nothing but good luck with that set up. Like Lee it’s my default tire for the majority of my riding

  4. Rob says:


    Thanks for the feed back.

    Ardent sound very good, but I am now also thinking about the Eskar.



  5. aussie chris says:

    Whatever Maxxis you put on the front, make sure it is a Super Tacky or 3C.

    Cross Marks are prone to pinch flats.

  6. Sean says:

    I run Ardent 2.25 F/R unless it’s really chunky with sharp rocks, then I run Ardent 2.25 R, 2.4 F. All in Maxxpro60A compound. Lee’s absolutely right about the 2.4 Ardent being much bigger — all the knobs are larger and the main tread knobs are much bigger on the 2.4.

    The Ardent rolls faster than either Minion, and faster than a High Roller or even an ADvantage, if all else is equal (size, compound, casing).

    The 2.25 Ardent requires a bit more commitment as it’s got a bit of a gap between the center tread and the edge knobs.

    I live and ride in the northern Rockies and the Ardent is the best tire I’ve ever used for any purpose up here.

    If you want a really fast rolling tire from Maxxis, try the Aspen. Not much tread there, not much sidewall either, but if you’re on pretty buff trails it’s hard to beat.

    I haven’t used the Crossmark, can’t talk about that one.

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