Work: Good stuff today

Yesterday’s work really sucked. Today was better.

High school mountain bike racing: I got hired to help create a series of Web sites to serve the national league, state leagues, teams, coaches, athletes, parents, sponsors, photographers, donors … basically everyone for every conceivable use from race registration to coach certification to fund raising. This will be a BIG project. A cool one. Oh, and I’m the National Interscholastic Cycling Association skills guru. That’s cool too.

Distributing Pro BMX Skills: I talked to a BMX mogul about distributing the book through his sales channels. This would be a great way to place the book in major retailers around the world. Fingers crossed.

Pump Track Nation, corporate style: I’m negotiating with a major bike maker to build a pump track for their dealer event. I really hope this works out. Braaap!

And I got outside for an hour! I was supposed to endure two 20-minute threshold intervals on the trainer. Bah hooey. Instead, I railed the Tricross down a curvy road, slung it on my shoulder then hiked up a snowy trail to the house. It felt great to move differently and see new stuff.

Whatever you’re doing today, crush it!

— Lee