Top 3 adjustable seatposts

I recently asked Mike Luby from Dirt Labs and the guys at The Fix Bike Shop for their top 3 adjustable seatposts.

Quick and dirty:

Mike Luby
Runs Dirt Labs. Services suspension and seatposts. Wants the best feel without sacrificing reliability. “Ask yourself, if you’re in Moab and your post fails, what are you going to do? Who’s going to fix it? What’s the warranty?”

• Rock Shox Reverb
Very reliable. Known issues have been worked out. The best warranty in the biz. Great feel.

• Gravity Dropper
The worst feel, but the greatest reliability.

• X-Fusion
Good feel. Designed by the Maverick guys. Available in 27.2 mm.

Luby doesn’t work on Command Posts, so he doesn’t have much experience with them, but he says he gets very few requests to repair them.

Mike at The Fix Bike Shop
Gravity racer on shoulder repair duty. Hasn’t been riding much, but interacts with lots of customers.

• Specialized Command Post
Initial issues have been worked out. Current models have had zero problems. The fast rebound is a bummer.

• Rock Shox Reverb
Infinite height adjustment. Adjustable rebound speed.

• KS
People love them, but they’re hard to get into the shop.

Duncan at The Fix Bike Shop
General ripper and shop co-owner.

• Rock Shox Reverb
With the adjustable rebound speed, you can be at full low, bump the switch then let the post raise to rally height (low enough to rip but high enough to pedal). He uses this all the time and says it’s way better than having to go full low, full high then rally height, as with the Command Post.

• Specialized Command Post
Super reliable.

• KS
Hard to get, but no lateral play. Infinite adjustment. 6-inch model. See reliable. Not certain about service. (Lee note: I met a client this weekend who sent his KS for service on a Thursday and had it back Tuesday.)

We all look forward to the Fox.

As for me, my original issue Maverick Speedballs are becoming liabilities. I’ve been on the X-Fusion since spring. It’s always had a slight bleed-down, which was tolerable, but the seal just blew, and now the post won’t stay up at all. The X-Fusion is on my daily driver, so I suppose a full season with one service isn’t bad. But: it really pisses me off when stuff doesn’t work.

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