Coaching coaches in California

Big adventure this weekend:

• Coaching SoCal high school mountain bike league coaches in Riverside on Saturday.
• Coaching NorCal high school mountain bike league coaches in Davis on Sunday.

It feels strange traveling with just a helmet, flat pedals and my laptop. I look forward to borrowing bikes and spreading the braaap!

Next weekend: Coaching Texas high school mountain bike league coaches near Austin.

We are saving the world — one rider at a time.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thank you so much for coming to teach us Lee! All of the information was great, and I definitely have some very specific advice for my riders. Also, I stuck around a little longer and managed one solid run on the pump track.

    p.s. – glad you liked Betsy Ross.

  2. Varaxis says:

    Interesting. This news seems relevant to me, since I ride in Riverside a lot, yet the only trails I know of in that area are Sycamore Canyon and the trails on Box Springs Mtn. Never knew there was a pump track in the area, but wouldn’t surprise me, since Eric Carter is a local. I’d really like to try a pump track sometime, just to see how good my skills are. Wouldn’t hurt to learn how to braaap bermed corners either, since I come across them so often and habitually drag my brakes before hitting them as if it weren’t bermed.

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