Tomorrow’s odd tire combo

For tomorrow’s trail session, experimenting with Oscar Madison in front, Felix Unger in back.


Super grippy 2.3 Butcher Control in front.

Super fast 2.3 Renegade Control in back.

Hoping for fast rolling and extra braaaping — with no catastrophic front/rear disagreements.


Setup: 2010 Stumpjumper FSR, Sun Charger 27 wheels, Fox 32 Talas, inner tubes, 33 psi front, 35 psi rear

Route: Mess around in the Lyons Bike Park then up and down Picture Rock Trail. The trail was a dry mix of rocks, hardpack, loose over hardpack and just plain loose.

• The bike climbed really well. I didn’t feel superhuman or anything, but the bike rolled pretty fast and got plenty of traction — even while climbing the ultra-steep, ultra-loose roll-in for the big jumps. The climb up Picture Rock felt really easy.

• The 2.3 Butcher Control up front grabs very well, and it seems to roll pretty well.

• The 2.3 Renegade Control out back grabs pretty well, and it seems to roll very well.

• For most of the descent, at a 5 out of 10, the tire combo felt perfect. The front tire grabbed. The rear tire felt fine. My riding partner kept asking why I was drifting my back tire, but I honestly didn’t notice.

• When I turned it up to 7, I could definitely feel the rear drifting more than the front, but it wasn’t catastrophic. A little more load on the front tire kept the bike railing. I did, however, hold back. I don’t think I’d dial this tire combo to 11 — not unless the traction was perfect (Santa Cruz after a rain!). But: In that case, I could run Renegades front and rear.

Summary: Today the Mighty Stumpy had crazy front-end traction and decent fore-aft balance, and it felt like it rolled faster than it would with meaty tires front and rear. This Butcher/Renegade combo could be an efficient solution for longer, pedally, less intensely braaapy rides.

Know more. Have more fun!

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