Pump track party – Specialized style

Just your typical back-lot track, completely dialed, with brilliant bike-making people and elite bike-racing people:

Double double pump pump double rail!

‘Tis the season for backyard pump track madness, and the level just keeps escalating.

Coach Kevin Stiffler at my house yesterday:

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Crazy awesomeness at my pump track

Last weekend we had the first pump track party of the fall, and some very skilled riders showed us what can be done. Super impressive.

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Arm position when pumping?


I have pump track envy! That just looks like so much fun.

I also have a question about arm/wrist position when pumping. I notice that some people cock/flex their wrist more at the grip that leads to a more elbows out position, and others keep their wrist more perpendicular to the bar and elbows more inline with their body. Which is correct? Or more effective?


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Riding my backyard pump track!

This track is as old as The Bugs, which makes it almost five years young. Finally, here are some riding videos: one of the kids, one of the dads.

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