Pump track party – Specialized style

Just your typical back-lot track, completely dialed, with brilliant bike-making people and elite bike-racing people:

Double double pump pump double rail!

‘Tis the season for backyard pump track madness, and the level just keeps escalating.

Coach Kevin Stiffler at my house yesterday:

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Crazy awesomeness at my pump track

Last weekend we had the first pump track party of the fall, and some very skilled riders showed us what can be done. Super impressive.

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Arm position when pumping?


I have pump track envy! That just looks like so much fun.

I also have a question about arm/wrist position when pumping. I notice that some people cock/flex their wrist more at the grip that leads to a more elbows out position, and others keep their wrist more perpendicular to the bar and elbows more inline with their body. Which is correct? Or more effective?


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Riding my backyard pump track!

This track is as old as The Bugs, which makes it almost five years young. Finally, here are some riding videos: one of the kids, one of the dads.

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Pump track at Denver Green School!

Does your school have a pump track?

This one does, and it is sweet.

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P3: an even better tool for the job?

At my coaching office (Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO) I generally churn out laps on a carbon, suspended 29er: either a Specialized Camber or Enduro. Up the dirt road, down the slalom or slopestyle, repeat, then some pump track and dirt jump laps. It’s park riding for old guys — or is it XC training for someone who prefers sine waves?

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How should I pump a 180 berm?

Hi Lee,

I’ve been working hard on your different pumping techniques in Pro BMX Skills (really like the detail of the different techniques). I finally have a pump track near me and there’s been a massive improvement since I started riding it. The bit I’m struggling with is my entry to the 180 degree berm, at the end of the track. I’m always losing speed on it, when others are gaining speed. Should I be unweighting over the entry roller, then one slow pump down the backside of the roller and round the berm? Or should I pump the backside, unweight again, then pump the berm?

I gotta say, riding a pump track is proving very beneficial for my overall riding. I’m off to Fort William in the morning for the World Cup, so I imagine I’ll see some good pumping technique there. 🙂


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Ready to build pump track plans!

Hey all,

I’m stoked to announce low cost, ready to build pump track plans for our friends in Pump Track Nation.

No. 1 is Pumptopia: Our most popular all-around track layout.

• Get easy approval for your pump track project.

• Save money and time. Do it right the first time.

• Enjoy guaranteed flow!

For just $20!

Order your plans today:

Ready to build pump track plan: Pumptopia >>>

The next track: 2010 Sea Otter! That’s still one of my faves.

Critique: Kung fu loop on lower Valmont pump track

Ski skills expert Ron LeMaster and I have been exploring the commonalities of pumping on dirt and snow. He shot this video for use in his books and lectures.

I’m seeing some good moments and some lazy ones.

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Designing a pump track to go uphill

Hi Lee,

First of all, thank you for writing a great book. I’ve read Welcome to Pump track Nation several times and have been measuring out my pump track and started thinking about draining. In fact, I might have developed a problem. I’m beginning to wish it rained dirt, and every flat yard I see I ask, why no pump track?

My big question is, on the long return side (circled and labeled #1) up to my berms I will have to pump up hill (maybe a 10% grade, I haven’t measured it yet). What is the optimum pump size and spacing for going up hill? Should they be taller and closer, smaller and closer….

Another thing that you could perhaps comment on is making a “switch” spot to reverse direction. What would that look like at the location circled and labeled #2?

Thanks for you advise. I would like to build once and get it right.


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How to ride a 29er fully on a pumptrack?

Hi Lee,

Reading your book on MTB skills and have just taken the plunge and swapped out my Stumpy Elite 26 inched with a Stump Comp Evo 29er (arrives next week).
Thing is we have a nice pumptrack near us and i still want to ride it with my two boys.
It got me thinking that there’s going to be some differences now that i’m on a 140mm travel 29er! Any suggestions would be welcome – I’m guessing I can’t be the only person in this situation 🙂


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